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    Carnity.com (portal) is fully owned by Carnity Technology - FZE, licensed by Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority.


    UAE's Best Car and Off-road Community
    Google Rating - 4.9 (Based on 300+ reviews).

    Carnity stands for Car + Community and it's the region's first fully independent and unbiased go-to place for car owners, enthusiasts and offroaders. At Carnity we focus on solving car and off-road problems with help of skills, knowledge and experience. It's an online portal to gain and share car and off-road knowledge instantly.


    Car Community

    Helps car owners to save thousands of dirhams by avoiding fake mechanics, car businesses and unwanted repairs. You can discuss your car problems and get instant help from thousands of experienced and qualified car enthusiasts. You can even discuss your car repair quotes and modification plans to save time and money.

    Find an expert opinion on buying your next car within your budget. Read the best hand-picked car advices on various car buying, ownership and maintenance topics.

    Find the best car business with UAE's largest car business listing and yellow pages. Be rest assured that we list only the best car businesses and our member's ratings and reviews make them even better. Every car business listed with us provides special pricing and the best services for Carnity members, which means no more dishonest workshops and no more expensive surprises.


    Off-road Club

    Carnity Off-road Club encourages people to self-drive their 4X4 vehicles by learning the basics first, to enjoy the freedom of exploring various types of off-road terrains that the UAE has to offer. Carnity Off-road club explores deserts, mountains and organizes camping trips with like-minded adventurous members. Our senior off-roaders with decades of years of experience know all the beautiful areas and you will be super excited to see the UAE from different vantage points!

    Carnity off-road club is open to every 4X4 / AWD vehicle owner of any skill level from Absolute Newbie (first-timers) to experienced ones.

    What makes Carnity Off-road club so special is its passionate core team of leaders who have years of experience driving off-road every week and facing the toughest challenge with a smile and confidence. "Be kind and respectful for trip lead volunteer time, knowledge and culture they share."

    All our trip leads are highly experienced, trained, independent and unbiased off-roaders who lead weekly off-road drives voluntarily and out of a pure passion for off-roading. They will never suggest or force any off-road products or modifications.

    You can read more about Terms of use here.


    Desert Driving Courses

    1:1 Desert Driving Courses - Self-drive your "stock" 4WD in the desert, "safely"

    Enjoy the fun, freedom and excitement of desert driving in UAE to explore new places and discover natural beauty. Learn to drive your 4x4 on sand dunes with complete confidence and safety. With Carnity expert guidance and experience you will learn the basics of off-roading along with tricks and techniques to make it safe, enjoyable and memorable.

    Our real life experience is based on training hundreds of off-roaders every week, so we really know what you need when you are off-roading in UAE Sand. And our passionate Marshals and Experts are always equipped and excited to show you the true capabilities of your stock vehicle.

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