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3 Secrets to choose perfect car model

3 Secrets to choose perfect car model in Dubai and UAE

Age VS. Odometer

Any car life and value is highly dependent on its age and how many kms or miles it has been driven. These two are the major component as everything in car ages with passage of time and other mechanical component wear down as per how much it is driven. On an average a car should have driven 20,000 kms a year as a benchmark value to decide its worthiness. Below example will help you understand that where the age will take precedence vs Kms.

  • Car A: 3 years old car driven 60,000 kms for 85,000 AED
  • Car B: 2 years old car driven 90,000 kms for 85,000 AED
  • Car C: 5 years old car driven 60,000 kms for 65,000 AED

Car A is better than Car B. (Kms takes precedence)
Car B is better than Car C. (Age takes precedence)
Car C is better than Car A. (Kms takes precedence)

Base VS Full Options

While buying a car the price difference between Base and Full option is marginal and that difference becomes miniscule in used cars, especially in Asian and American cars. Hence most of the used car buyers always prefer the full option cars, which makes the Full option resale value better than Base option and also it sells faster due to more in demand. So if little money is not a constraint, always buy a full option car.

Entry models VS Flagship models

Every car manufacturer always cut so many corners in entry level cars in all classification, which tend to show its age faster than expected. Due to same they fetch even lower resale value as they require higher maintenance after few years of use. On the other hand all car companies take extra time, effort and research for putting together their premium flagship models as they carry special pride of their brand. Due to same they are highly reliable and fetch excellent resale value. If budget is a constraint then, stay away from entry models and go as close as possible to the flagship range.


Disclaimer: I have written this and all linked articles to help my friends and family and other car enthusiast’s like you. This is purely based on my own experience. If you know anything more than this I am happy to edit these articles any time. Please leave me a comment and I will accept your changes and improvise these as soon as I can.

If you like reading these articles and it helped you in anyways, please pass on the knowledge to others and use below red like to show your appreciation.

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