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5 Car care tips for UAE summer

5 tips to take care of your car during extreme UAE summers

Just imagine what all your car is facing in this scorching summer while you are sitting in its AC and enjoying the drive. You can put your cotton clothes; you can have a chilled soda but what about your car? It can’t speak but that doesn’t mean you won’t take care of her. Don’t be so tough on your car and give her the attention she needs. The way you pamper yourself to stay fit in this oppressive summer, should be the way you care for your car too. Here are 5 things that you must do to keep your car (and your wallet) happy. 

  1. Check Fuel Economy

    If you want to make a long term contract with your present car then keep a check on its fuel returns, after all, at the end you would be looking for its fuel efficiency more than anything else. Moreover, Fuel economy check is very essential in hot summer because the weather gets very harsh on the car and mechanical parts face double the heat. Good fuel returns can be ensured by scheduling cyclic drills like changing oil filters after a specific number of months or kms, full inspection of air filters and so on. Drop in fuel economy could signal something is wrong with the engine health and you need to schedule an inspection at the earliest. 

  2. Get Air Conditioner Serviced

    Although, AC is not required to run the car efficiently but the car AC is as important as any other part in summers. Without an AC, you cannot even think of driving for a few kms and that is why you should get it serviced. BUT in case you do not mind looking all sweaty and frustrated when you reach work in the morning, you can skip this step. BTW, AC is the first to get cut-off if engine has some heating issue so to save engine by running a tad cooler car computer sacrifice the AC. So if your car is not well serviced, then you might loose AC sweet cooling on any extremely hot day.

    check ac.jpg

  3. Check the Coolant Expansion Bottle

    Keep a weekly check of coolant as it should be full especially in summers. A dry coolant tank (expansion bottle) might become a problem for your car engine’s life efficiency. There is one more way of checking the coolant; if your car’s temperature is going high then be assured that it needs a refill IMMEDIATELY. Keeping a bottle of coolant is advisable when going on long road trips to save your car engine from very expensive damage. 


  4. Air Pressure in tires should be checked 

    High temperature of atmosphere is the main cause of tire’s expansion and so checking tire pressure is one activity that you should do at least once a week unless your car has TPMS (Tire pressure monitoring sensor). Don’t consider the maximum pressure listed on the sidewall as it is generalized for all the 4-wheelers in market, rather go for the recommended tire pressure mentioned in your car owners manual or on driver door sill (when open).

    tire check.jpg

  5. Clean the Battery

    Extreme heat of summer can overcharge your car’s battery by just speeding up the chemical reaction inside the battery. The end result would be a short lifespan of the battery. So to prevent the aging of the battery at a faster pace, detach its cables and wipe off the terminals. If possible, get your battery checked from a service station and save yourself some money and headache. 


These 5 simple steps can ensure safety of your car during summers. The precautions mentioned above will help your car survive the heat and live longer than expected. Take care of your girl ;)

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