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Kumho Solus KL21 owner's review

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  • Set of 4 used:                   Once
  • Vehicle used:                    Mitsubishi Pajero 3.8
  • Number of years used:    3+ Years
  • Value for money:              5 / 5
  • On-road comfort:              5 / 5
  • Off-road performance:      4 / 5
  • Overall Performance:        4 / 5


So it was time to go for a new set of tires for my wife's Mitsubishi Pajero and after a lot of research was in a lot of turmoil whether I should go for the Nitto Duragrapplers as tried and tested or a set of Kumho Solus KL21. Put the options to my wife and with the price point, she immediately jumped at the Kumho Solus KL21 set. I obeyed my wife and asked them to slap the Kumhos on, but deep inside I was waiting for them to fail and never thought that 3 years down the road and I would be writing a positive review on these.

Kumho tires are a Korean brand and made in Korea so it makes you think twice about your investment. I drove them now for 3 years mostly on road except for a couple of occasions when I took them off-road in the sand for a short stint and here is what I think about the Kumho Solus KL21. On road they are really quiet and offer a very comfortable ride, they have a good grip on the road in all weather conditions and so far I have not seen any inconsistent ware in these tires. They have been on for 3 years with almost 70K Kms on the clock and I recently got them inspected, they always remained very smooth and quiet on-road and I now feel confident having them on as the tire shop told me there is quite a bit of tread left on them and no cracks at all. My main concern, however, came how it does perform off-road being a highway terrain tire? The honest truth is, being my wife's car I hardly took it off-road, but for what it is worth it performed well for a couple of short stints I was talking about earlier. The straight threads of a highway terrain help them float better in the sands, and they seem light (which is a big positive mark from the off-road side for stock cars). They have served me very well for over 70,000 kms so far and I am very pleased with their overall performance. They are still smooth, quiet and comfortable on-road even at 140 kmph and gives you good control with different maneuvers.

In conclusion, I would only like to say, these are my first set of Kumho Solus KL21 on my wife's Mitsubishi Pajero and although I was not sold on these at the time of purchase these have most definitely impressed me. I am very happy to own the current set and feeling relieved that my wife had made such a great investment for the past 3 years and the remainder of the time to come. At the price point, they are very good performer on-road and very good value for money.

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