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Michelin Latitudes User Review

  • Set of 4 used:                   Once
  • Vehicle used:                    Jeep Commander 5.7 Hemi
  • Number of years used:    3+ Years
  • Value for money:              4 / 5
  • On-road comfort:              5 / 5
  • Off-road performance:      4 / 5
  • Overall Performance:        4 / 5

Tires are one of the most important and integral part of your car. I have used Michelin Latitudes tires on my Jeep Commander 5.7 Hemi. I have loved with the utmost respect for Michelin Latitudes due to their softer side wall for extra road comfort and better sand flotation.

I was blessed to have acquired them with the car which was owned by the French Diplomat in Dubai and loved them to no ends. The only thing that has come between me and buying the Michelin Latitudes is my tight budget and these sets don't come cheap, but one thing is for sure they are worth every dime, The Michelin Latitude tires lasted me for over 3 years over  90,000 kms that includes on road and regular off-road driving every week. So I was very happy with the fact that I got these with the ride and they lasted me through the whole 3 years that I had my Jeep Commander 5.7 Hemi. Besides the price the only thing that used to bother me was to take it to the mountains, since these tires are soft they kind of loose their shape somewhat when taken to the hard surface like the mountains and there was a bit of discomfort after its first mountain adventure.

The Michelin tires are made in France so you are sure they are made with love and it gives you that added peace of mind for your investment. I drove them for 3 years in all sorts of terrain: sand, wadi, rocks and road and here is what I think about the Michelin Latitudes. On road they are really quiet and offer maximum comfortable ride due to their side walls are really soft, plus they have a reasonably good grip on the road in all weather conditions. They lasted me 3 years with total abuse off-road, they always remained very smooth and quiet on-road and I felt confident having them on, however as mentioned earlier after taking them to the rocks they became a bit uneven and started to have a negligible noise  My main concern however came how it does perform off-road being a highway terrain tire? The answer is simple, it was amazing as the straight threads of a highway terrain help them float better in the sands, and they are very light (which is a huge positive mark from off-road side for stock cars). They served me very well for over 90,000 kms and I was very pleased with their overall performance.

I have since changed my off-road vehicle from the Jeep Commander 5.7 Hemi to the Land Rover Discovery and recently to a Nissan Pathfinder. And without a doubt I would have gone for the Michelin Latitudes again if only the prices were more reasonable. I had made a couple of trips to Oman while the tires were fairly new and again after 1 year of use, they were smooth as silk, quiet and comfortable on-road even at 140 kmph and gives you good control with different maneuvers. Off-road I used to drive it normally on 15 PSI in the soft sands and it used to be amazing, the lowest I had to go down to was 12 PSI where I got stuck in some really soft sand pit and it performed well. The result was always amazing.

In conclusion I would only like to say, that although I used them only once in my life but my heart has always been with the Michelin Latitudes  If only the price was a bit more competitive with other major brand of tires I would still be using Michelin Latitudes.

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