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Waterless Car Washing

Waterless Car Washing

Imagine that a hose uses 40-50 litres of water per minute. Within ten minutes, you have used 400-500 litres. With water being such a precious commodity in the desert you may ask yourself how to wash your car. It is possible to simply rub the dirt off with a cloth but in doing so, you will scratch the paint.

To wash your car without water, you will need four or five high quality microfiber cloths depending on the size of your car and a spray bottle of waterless cleaner. One bottle of cleaner should be enough to wash your car approximately 4 times, again depending on the size of the car. There are many different waterless cleaners available on the market such as Meguiars Ultimate Wash, Ecotouch WCW, Griots Spray On etc. I’ll leave it up to you to read the reviews of different products online and decide which one is right for you.

Clean the car one panel at a time, starting from the roof and work your way down. There’s no point starting at the bottom and working your way up as the cleaner will run down onto the bit you have already cleaned and you will be constantly chasing your tail.

Simply spray the waterless cleaner onto the panel you are cleaning, then use a clean towel and wipe the dirt off. Don't use so much pressure on the cloth that you rub the dirt deep into the paint and create scratches. When the piece of towel you are using becomes dirty, fold it and use a clean part until it is completely dirty, then use a new towel. When you have cleaned the panel, wipe it entirely with a clean towel to remove any leftover moisture or dirt.

Once you have finished cleaning the entire car, it helps to apply a good coat of wax. Not only will this keep a good shine to your paint but it will also help you to remove dirt next time you wash.

**DISCLAIMER** I accept no responsibility for any harm or damage caused by anyone cleaning their car. This is only a simple guide on waterless cleaning. Always use high quality products and follow the manufacturers recommended instructions. 


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