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3 steps to sell your Car fast with a good price in UAE

More than 500,000 used cars are listed every year online on UAE car selling portals. So every time you plan to sell your used car that figure is your competition. So how does one go about selling used car quick and easy ? I have been asked this question more than 100 times in my life in Dubai, UAE and that's why I thought of writing this article and keep sharing and using it for others to help. In last 3 years I have bought and sold more than 7 cars for myself, my friends and family. Selling your old car can be pretty daunting task if you don’t know how to sell. Of course, even if it’s an old car a buyer will surely look on all of its aspects. With that, you have to make sure that your car is in good shape and proper working condition overall. You need to make sure that your buyer will be impressed with the first looks. Remember strongly that while selling softer tone, cooperative approach and friendly behavior will help. If you can't adopt any of these three things, sell your car at car dealer for quarter the price.

  1. Make Sure Your Car Look Awesome: They say dont judge a book by its cover, but in case of a used car its always judged by its looks. No matter how powerful your engine is or awesome your music system sounds if your car is not presentable from outside, there is a chance that the buyer might not even open your door. To do so you’ll probably spend some cash for detail cleaning, washing and some minor repairs. These all are necessary to make your car as good as new. More than 75% of car buyers always look for car that has no immediate cost and they can reliably use the car from the date of purchase.
    For placing an online advertisement make sure cars is extremely clean and drive off to spacious parking lot and take lot of pictures with the best phone or real camera you got. Post the ad with best 8-10 pictures showing all exterior and interior angles. Highlight any flaws, dents or scratches in picture, be more realistic and honest. This way you will filter the picky buyers and save lot of time in viewing. Always remember, the price is what draws peoples attention, but the description and photos is what causes them to call your number.
  2. Show the Love, Bond and Good Memories: Emotions sells better than anything else. So share your best car stories with the buyer, show your love, attachment and bond with the car that gives the new buyer a confidence in buying a car from a careful and loving owner. Share the story of you and your spouse had really good drive-time, kids love it completely and going to miss this ride, etc. This shows that you kept the car as a family member and not just a piece of machine and pushed it hard for having fun. What I meant is to show the love, if you really have it, but don’t fake it.
  3. Be Honest and Transparent with Full Car Service History: Last but not least, this alone is the key game-changer point that many owners don’t know the value of showing the detail car service history to a new buyer. If you have the dealer car service history, then it’s easy to show the records on booklet with stamps or receipts. If car is out of warranty and you have maintained the car with reputable workshop, then show all the service details and recent repair bills (if you have it). This builds the immense trust and helps you sell the car in NO-TIME. 

When done preparing your car, it's time to find potential buyers. Of course, even when I say it is to sell your car fast, you still need to be patient and wait for people to respond to your ads. Moreover, so that your advertisement will be really effective you should share it on the Social media and you might have to repost it sometime for more people to see. Fortunately, with all your efforts, someone will be interested and you can get the best price for the deal. 


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Very nice article and focusing on most of the important points required.

The only thing I think I can add is prefer to sell to cash buyer than the bank due to additional 1 billion hassle, moods, tantrum, cosmic position impact drama. I sold once to guy having a bank loan and ran around 25 days to finally sell and get the cash in my hand.

Get 5% less, but prefer cash buyer so save all this nonsense, worthless drama.

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