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2 way Radio (Walkie Talkie) frequencies

Two way Radio (walkie Talkie) is very essential equipment for any off-roader, as this alone device is responsible for establishing clear and life saving communication while off-roading when you don't have mobile coverage. Buying the radio is the first best step in right direction for equipping yourself and then setting it's frequency is the second. When buying a two way radio make sure you buy the UHF and not the VHF version. Simple way to find out is when you switch on the radio the frequency displayed should be 462.000, if it is showing Channels instead of frequency As the shop keeper to change it to frequency mode.

Without setting frequency you cannot establish a communication with other off-roaders in the convoy. Although setting up the frequency is one-time task but it's a bit complex job that you need to follow the instructions very precisely. However once you have tapped into the main details, it is very simple and follows the same concept of receiving and sending frequencies.

This should help those members who have Radio were we have to manually set frequencies.

CH Type Frequency Power Output 

  1. FRS/GMRS 462.5625 High, Med or Low 
  2. FRS/GMRS 462.5875 High, Med or Low 
  3. FRS/GMRS 462.6125 High, Med or Low 
  4. FRS/GMRS 462.6375 High, Med or Low 
  5. FRS/GMRS 462.6625 High, Med or Low 
  6. FRS/GMRS 462.6875 High, Med or Low 
  7. FRS/GMRS 462.7125 High, Med or Low 
  8. FRS 467.5625 Low 
  9. FRS 4675875 Low 
  10. FRS 467.6125 Low 
  11. FRS 467.6375 Low 
  12. FRS 467.6625 Low 
  13. FRS 467.6875 Low 
  14. FRS 467.7125 Low 
  15. GMRS 462.5500 High, Med or Low 
  16. GMRS 462.5750 High, Med or Low 
  17. GMRS 462.6000 High, Med or Low 
  18. GMRS 462.6250 High, Med or Low 
  19. GMRS 462.6500 High, Med or Low 
  20. GMRS 462.6750 High, Med or Low 
  21. GMRS 462.7000 High, Med or Low 
  22. GMRS 462.7250 High, Med or Low



Motorola MT777 setting up instruction

  1. Make sure your set is switched off.
  2. Press the Moni (black button on top of the orange one on you left side) and menu key together and switch on you set.
  3. Wait for the set to display SELF (which means manual setup).
  4. Press Enter and it will show the Channel number.
  5. You can choose which channel to program by selecting it from the right know on the top of you device.
  6. Once you have the desired channel, e.g., Channel 3 and than press enter.
  7. Type 4 6 2 6 1 2 - This will automatically pick up 462.612 5
  8. keep pressing enter until your set displays the next channel to be set.
  9. Repeat from step 5.


Crony CN-888 setting up instruction

As an example if you want to set Channel 3, then follow the steps as given below.

  1. Press Function Key (orange button on top left corner)
  2. Press 4 (until it shows the frequency range as 12.5)
  3. Wait until frequency is on the display screen again.
  4. Type 4 6 2 6 1 2 - This will automatically pick up 462.612 s
  5. Press the # key
  6. Change the channel number displayed on the top right corner of the display screen by pressing either the A or B key on the right side of the key pad. Once CH03 is displayed press # again.
  7. Type 4 6 2 6 1 2 again - Once again this will automatically pick up 462.612 s
  8. Press the # key
  9. Change the channel number displayed on the top right corner of the display screen by pressing either the A or B key on the right side of the key pad. Once CH03 is displayed press "C".

This will set your frequencies (receiving & transmitting) for Channel 3, similarly you can follow the same steps along with the frequency numbers to set the desired channel.


I suggest you print and keep a copy of this with you when off-roading, it can not only help you, but others around you.

Hope this is helpful.

Edited by Rahimdad

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Hi @Rahimdad i recently reprogrammed and added some channels to my Crony CN888 and had a look at the manual which had a pretty bad translation from Chinese. Then i tried using your method described above, but it was only storing the (RX)receiving frequency, and not the (TX)ransmit frequency. 

After some messing about i found out that:

 I had to input the desired frequency, then #, followed by A or B for selecting the desired channel, but then i had to press C in which i got the verbal acknowledgement "SAVED AS RX FREQUENCY"

Then the # again, followed by pressing D, which then gave me the acknowledgment "SAVED AS TX FREQUENCY"

I wouldn't be surprised with all these models in the market that there are slight deviations in software updates. 

Anyway, just wanted to share this in case other people came across the same issue with the CN888. And also as a reminder to myself next time i want to reprogram or help out a fellow offroader :)

PS locking the Keypad is done by pressing F, followed by *

A key will appear on the screen. Unlocking goes the same way.


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Great addition @Frederic. Thank you far sharing. Agreed my post is old and with time some changes also came through and best way to share info for everybodies benefit. This thread helped me to set someone's new Motorola MT777 2 years after I had posted it. Great thinking, information stored for future use.

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Just wanted to add an update with early 2020 prices, models, and availability. As before, the BA section Dragon Mart is the place to go. For Crony and Prolab it is advisable to go to their main stores which carry the brand name on the front. They have the largest selection and best prices. We generally use 5Watt UHF radios which have a theoretical range of about 5km. 

When looking for a radio, please take notice that it has to be a model that supports manual frequency input. The paired models from different brands will have 16 channels, but none of them will match with our Carnity frequency. There are however some paired models that support programming via PC and optional USB cable with programs like Chirp. The Baofeng BF888 which is very cheap (40 AED per piece) seems to have this option. I leave it open for the user to risk it or not.

Below models with approximate prices which are in use in Carnity Offroad Club:

1) Motorola MT777  or Crony MT777: 85 AED-100AED based on your negotiation skills and shop. Easy to set up, reliable, and a recommended Carnity model since many years. 



2) Baofeng UV5-R: 95 AED. Works fine, lots of bells and whistles, and a lot of information on programming and tweaking to be found on Youtube. (search for baofeng programming).



3) Prolab WT5WD: 150 AED. Works great, relatively small. 1800 mAh battery. Well built. 



4) Crony CN-888: 180 AED. Great sturdy radio with high battery life (2000mA).


You will find most models with pricing on www.edragonmall.com


There are higher end radios like the Crony DT8188 which has a massive 4800mAh battery, and go for around 240AED, and radios with higher wattage (10W) to cover bigger distances, but these are not so often used in the club. 

Most radios have the same functionalities, where you have a certain amount of channels that you can program as you wish, some are dual band (VHF-UHF). Most are equipped with earpiece and a 220V charger. If desired, you can ask the shop also for a 12V charger.

Some other functions:


The VOX functionality allows you to start broadcasting without pushing the PTT button. If you are close to the radio and start talking it will automatically start to broadcast. I has different sensitivity settings. I tried using this a few times but the VOX function always cuts a bit of your first words, so i disabled it.


Squelch is basically the gatekeeper in your radio. It opens when receiving a broadcast nearby that is loud and clear. Your radio will have different level settings of squelch. If you have issues with static noise on your radio, you might want to finetune the squelch setting a bit by putting it higher.


Very useful fuction during dunebashing :) 


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