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Ideal ways to ensure Lane Discipline in UAE

Lack of lane discipline, especially lane swerving is considered to be a leading cause of death on the road in UAE. While cases of driving under the influence has been curtailed due to strict rules and punishments, there are several other reasons or distractions that lead to lane swerving . And it is just about taking some simple extra precautions to ensure smooth travel, while maintaining your particular lane.

  • Always keep your vehicle in the center of your lane; not to the left, not to the right.
  • On multiple lane highways, keep your car to the right, giving way for faster cars to travel on the lane to your left. Overtaking from the right is illegal.
  • Use indicators before changing lanes. Very important point for UAE cars, as many drivers don't use this at all.
  • When stopping at a red light, ensure that you are in the lane where you would want to be after the interchange.
  • Distractions should be avoided, especially phone calls or SMS. 
    According to a report, ‘Despite it being illegal in the UAE, nearly a third (30%) of motorists admit to using their phones and reading texts while driving. Speaking with passengers (44%), changing  the radio station (40%), and adjusting the air conditioning (34%) are other major reasons  why drivers lose concentration. The stunning skyline of the UAE is also enough for 8% of drivers to become distracted’.
  • Allow enough space ahead and practice safe distance. Many accidents involve rear-end collisions.
  • In heavy traffic, when the lanes merge, use the ‘merging in turn’ rule - the left car goes first, then the right one.
  • Solid lines should not be crossed.
  • Do not drive on a cycle lane, bus lane or yellow line – emergency lane (hard shoulder).
  • Avoid frequent lane changes.
  • Turn your headlights on if the daylight is dim or during other low-visibility weather conditions, and always use turn signals (indicators). 
  • Always check your mirrors every few seconds to see what is beside and behind you.
  • Ensure that you limit to the legal speed limit in ideal conditions.

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