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    • Have a look through the carnity brand specific business listings, https://carnity.com/business_listing/car-services/brand-specific-workshop/
    • Hello, Can anyone recommend a good Audi service garage that is located in Dubai in Al Nahda area.  Thanks
    • I have a Treg with air. Replacing struts with used has been a mixed bag - 2 worked, 1 didn't last long. Most recently, I replaced 2 with reconditioned units - 15 months in, no problems. Touch wood. I go to a guy in Mussaffah - doesn't everybody in AD? - who used to work for the Audi VW dealer. His premises aren't exactly like Ali, but neither are his rates. Ping me if you need contact info.
    • I would avoid desertcart, as they inflate pricing too much than the direct shipping. write to arnott guys and see what they can offer, if no use desertcart as a last option. I don't think arnott has any distributor here, but double check with them when you write for accepting credit card query.
    • Thanks cyborg, I read some good things about Arnott.  Better than original Audi by some accounts...  Are there any direct suppliers in the UAE? I only found them on desertcart.ae or directly via the Arnott US website (no foreign credit cards accepted).  
    • If you really want solid stuff and once for all go for arnott suspension who comes with some good number of kms warranty like 200-300K (not sure exact warranty), but it's not cheap.