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    • True, but with the exception of the 2.4L engines whose timing chains chewed through a water conduit in the timing cover when the chain started to lose just a tiny bit of tension.
    • cressida a true gem in automotive names its one of the most perfect cars ever made
    • Thats actually a thing in Saudi, where people have bought popular cars and stored them, dunno if they are still doing it though.  You could find new old cars like Cressida's and Patrols with people selling them for big lump sums. They had a certain word for this practise which I cant remember, Khazin or something.
    • Laugh all you want, the truth is these old cars are soaring in value.  Remember the Austin Allegro? Complete pile of steaming dung when it was new but now surviving examples in the retro market, a basic POS costs £1,500 (7,500 dhs).  http://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/204576/austin-allegro-super-ripley-derbyshire I won't even get into old Ford Escorts costing £20-30k (100-150k dhs). Is it time to stockpile Nissan Tiidas?  
    • Looks just as ugly as any other European car from that era, from Morris to those communist yugos and Ladas 
    • I’ve been working for Audi all this week. They had this beauty on display in the showroom. It’s a 1968 Audi 60. Unrestored, original condition. The best part about it? The smell inside. If you’ve ever smelt an old car you will know. The build quality was amazing. Way ahead of what most other manufacturers were producing at that time.