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    • It's good to see an educated buyer and fairly comparing apple to apples only. Though both of them are in the same league and offers the same feature, performance, and pricing so I really like what desertdude said that drive both and decide which make you smile more. I agree Audi is more stylish than Merc, but Merc has more elegance than Audi and few people like that over style.  Research more on what Stig said about DSG, then you will reach your conclusion faster. Also, you can search and find more of known problems and recalls happen in either model like this one Either way, congrats in advance for your next ride and do share her pics whenever you get it.
    • Mercedes is better. Till now i experienced 6 different Mercedes one of them was 2013 C180 very reliable and good build cars. 
    • Mercedes because the DSG  autoboxes in Audis are made of cheese.
    • Our resident mech Saleem is not in favour of anything with a bit of style and not made in Japan, surprised he didnt try to change your mind to go for a corolla or sunny instead  so take his advice with a grain of salt. IMO Merc would be a better choice since its more common and more bits and bobs including after market available for the Merc, also generally Mercs are said to be more reliable than Audis. Although A4 is a better looking and more snazzier car IMO at the end of the day. Get what make you happy, you only live once. Test drive a few examples of both and see which one you like better and go for that. What would you rather have a smile on your face everyday or a few extra coins in your pocket.  
    • If the apocalypse has happened and it's the only 2 cars in the world then you should go with Merc  Or I really favor other cars   
    • I want to buy a car with is either A4 audi or mercedes C200 and both are 2010-2011 but i wanna know which is better in terms of availability of replacement parts and cost of replacement parts and consumption of gas and which has more problems on the long run.
    • You are most welcome Robert and btw, most of the shops listing here give special pricing for Carnity members so do push them for a bargain;-)