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    • You can contact Ultra Gard and give Carnity reference to get the best service at competitive pricing, they are really professional in the foiling business.  
    • Hi guys,  I want to get my BMW 330i wrapped in a blue metallic foil. Any suggestions for a company that can do it with good quality and reasonable price.  Cheers,  D
    • You can take a walk on the tire market in Sharjah and will have plenty of replica options, maybe some are close to a genuine quality From here till the end of the road about 1 km stretch has all shops for fancy wheels and tires https://goo.gl/maps/UMx5VRkMmyz  
    • It completely normal for AC to blow cold air in 30 seconds to a minute depending on the type and size of system most of the factory service manuals recommend that the evaporator temperature be recorded in idle rpms after the cars rpm is raised up to 1500 to 2k for 3 to 5 minutes that means that the refrigerant should be in full circulation... Those vapors could be a sign that the thermostat is set at very low temp or in some cars that the evaporator thermostat is bad and is not cutting out when reaching the desired temperature...to check that you have to open bonnet and monitor the clutch (if it's a clutch driven compressor) while in idle it should regularly disengage and re-engage if it's a direct drive compressor then you have to get a diagnosis machine and read live data of air conditioning ECU from there monitor the evaporator temperature sensor and AC duty cycle percentage both should be inversely proportional....now about the screeching noise could be the clutch bearing going bad could be the belt going bad could also be a sign of overcharged system There could be a blockage in the system which the compressor overcomes Could also be that something is broken in the compressor that when not in the right place stopes or make it harder for the compressor to start pumping refrigerant
    • Hi Guys - any recommendations for alloy wheels in Dubai?  Ideally after Alpina (OEM or Replica) and maybe AC Schnitzer - had a look online but not really finding much in Dubai.  If not - anyone have experience of ordering alloy wheels from US / Canada / UK and know about shipping costs?   Car in question - 2000 E38 750Li.
    • Hi Guys,  I purchased a 2000 E38 750Li and will receive it in 7 days time - any recommendations on the best BMW garage in Dubai?  It is sold with leaks and the front left seat controls have a problem (as in i dont think they work - not sure if electrical problem or mechanical) so i want to get it checked over, maybe serviced and valeted.  Thanks for any advice.