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    • According to James May any car tested om the ring is absolute crap because its then setup to do fast laps and is absolute shit as a daily driver. He even did a whole segment on this when he was with Top Gear. Driving around town in cars developed at the ring. And BMW in my view have lost the plot when it comes to SUVs anything they did outside the X5 failed.    This is increasingly becoming a really stupid trend among all manufacturers. The entire line up starts to look like one car and now that even different car from different manufacturers are starting to look the same in 5-10 all cars will look like rebadged versions of one single car. This is almost true in the medium size SUV market already. 
    • This may look big due to spy shot stickers but in reality it sud be smaller than x5 and x6 isnt? sometime really wonder why bmw keep adding so many newer models with very little differences
    • BMW seems to do some hard testing for their 2019 BMW X4 in Nurburgring. Looks pretty big and bulky but engine roar and stability seems quite impressive  
    • 5 years old BMW might be expensive to maintain really as all start to fail in BMW after 5 years warranty over and sometime even earlier but you are covered with warranty. Thats why 4 year old BMW and 5 year old BMW has huge price drop on any model. unless getting the super dirt cheap, don't fall for it and even if you buy then knock it off after a year or so.
    • Hi Guys, I am gonna buy 2013 model used BMW series 3. I never used German cars. All I owned till now was Ford Edge, Pajero and Prado. I heard its expensive for spare parts. Kindly lemme know the points to check while purchasing used BMW cars.