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    • Honestly, I wouldn’t buy anything from them judging by their website. Way overpriced for an Android headunit. You can pick up an android head unit in with direct fitment, gps, WiFi and Bluetooth including forward and rear cameras for around 1,200 in dragon mart. 
    • Good day. Need your help please tell me who appealed to this company for help? I just bought bmw and I want to replace the head unit. You have experience please help me 

      I found a suitable device on their website Smarty-trend, but I wanted to know your opinion. Thank you very much))
    • Thank you for sharing your experience @Mohit1, always a big fan of your write ups.
    • @Rahimdad Thanks for reminding that I didn't login for a while lol.  @Jeh Bro they are quite cheap like any other car,  I have  2006 x5 v8 4.4 If u r buying a pre owned car just make sure u get it computer diagnosed before buying not the rta passing.   It gives u clear idea what u r buying.  I have owned x5 for 14 months,  nothing has been repaired other than break pads,  break booster or refill of ac gas.  Running strong roaring on road.  If u r OK buying used spare parts it will turn cheaper than Japanese repair.  Sounds funny but truth.  My duster used to cost me a fortune even for regular repairs as compared to x5.    Only thing is petrol is little on higher side.    I am not a fan of saloon cars much so won't comment on 3 series but 5 series v6 is a good car.    Rest x5 is never meant for off roads so don't try and screw your car it's very powerful lion on road but risky for deserts.  U will love this ultra performance machine if u own.  But on a verdict if saloon ,mercs are a more affordable option in long run.    All the best
    • My good friend @Mohit1 has a BMW X5. He might be able to give you more feedback.
    • That's what I always say, live a little, if you are not going to have a snazzy car here in the UAE then when and where?!