Emirates Sound Auto Accessories

We provide special pricing for all Carnity members.

Emirates Sound Auto Accessories is the one stop destination for all your car needs, we differ from others with our unique way of servises, products and price.

Our services are....

Sound System, Tinting, Seat Cover, Body Wrapping & Paint protection, Car Accessories...etc...

Some of our brands are...

LLumar, 3M, Easy Cool, e, Unifol, Singmax, Oracal, Avery Dennison, Bosch,JBL, Fly Auto, Kenwood, Pioneer...etc..

Contact us on 0551663480

    Specialization: Accessories & Upholstery
    Area: Mussafah
    Emirates: Abu Dhabi
    Address: Industrial Area M-2
    Nearest Landmark: Near LLH HOSPITAL
    Working hours: 9.30 am - 10 PM (Friday 4 pm - 10pm)
    Location Map: https://goo.gl/uoUjpX
    Business days: All Days
    Telephone: 0551663480, 0505181901

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