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  • Any Car, Any Problem. We Have The Solution.

    No more car confusions, scams, surprises, problems and unwanted repairs.

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Hot Wheels Auto Repair Workshop

Hot Wheels Auto Repair Workshop

Any inquires about car related Faults

Car Problems FREE computer check-up

Damage car repairing at LOW COST

Traffic inspection and Registration services & LOW insurance rates

25 YEARS Experience in AUTO workshop

All kinds’ vehicles breakdown & faults information

FREE Pick n Drop service       : 00971504111918 (WATTSAPP)

If car have any (sign /indicators) in the dashboard send the pictures on WATTSAPP:  0504111918

We send you correct and transpert information.


    Specialization: Car repair, inspection and service
    Area: Mussafah
    Emirates: Abu Dhabi
    Address: 72135
    Nearest Landmark: Baniyas Concrete
    Working hours: 24 / 7
    Location Map: https://goo.gl/maps/oyHrYJsUuC12
    Business days: All Days
    Telephone: +971 50 4111918
    Fax: +971 2 5522933

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