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    • Gaurav
      Good to hear from you @asifali053 after 18 days. If you are only here to find a good place to get your car fixed, head to Carnity business listing. There are over 150 business listed in  Car Servicing in Dubai However, Carnity actual specialization is much more than referring and pointing people to different car businesses but helping them to diagnose the car problem at first, to avoid expensive repair OR fake mechanics. If you are willing to explore this option, explain a bit more on what symptoms have you been getting and what so far you have done in the last 18 days. I'm sure nothing is deleted, but few features are now reserved for community contributors only.
    • Barry
      I didn’t do the upgrade to full carnity membership so I don’t have private messages. I’m going to Oman tomorrow but message me after that 0525713073. 
    • asifali053
      Hi Barry. Last time i think i discussed with you but then this website deleted my messages and today i was trying to bring my car but i was unable to find your location and number.
    • shadow79
      If any check engine light is on then it's best to get it scanned and post the codes here so we can guide from there...
    • Barry
      Good and cheap don’t go in the same sentence when it comes to mechanics. 
    • asifali053
      My car driven total 137000 KM.  Please suggest me any good and cheap mechanic for checkup.
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