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    • Seems like you already decided. In my Turkish car forum every month at least 1 bad story i am reading.  This is what you are doing if you need to take the engine out for any repairing.    I dont know the gasoline engines, we only have diesel engines. In diesel engines it is impossible to rebuild it. You need to get new engine. Whic they are charging more than 100.000TL(TL and AED same price).  If the google translate working good you can read from here. This is the first owner car is 2010 74.000km only. And engine get brake without any reason. http://www.techturkey.com/forum/sohbet/230352-rangerover_sport_motor_yatak_sardi.html    Note : This is only what i read i never experienced any Range Rover in my life. 
    • That's the case of deferring maintenance or really high mileage car, that implies to any car unless you stick to Japanese only. Although now Japanese are also timed for every km to last, so you can't escape, so why not enjoy what you like. For maintenance, If you can read plain English it's very easy to work on RR's. My Pajero (so-called Japanese) has spark plug buried half km inside the manifold. It takes 2-3 hours to change them and I did spark plug change on my RR by myself within 20 minutes. The most notorious thing about any RR is that their initial model has a lot of learning curve and later models are near perfect. Always aim to buy the latest model of the last shape to be on safe side. The shape I am aiming is the last shape that ran from 2006 - 2012 and had loads of issue in 2006 till 20010. As per my reading and research, I hope 2012 are well made.  It's the horror stories made and passed on by totally dumb people who go to rip off garage and open their wallet and then cry. I had many issues with my RR, but never spent a fortune on anyone after reading forums. After seeing my RR, my very close friend bought one too and he is happy with her till now. @Jeh please share your experience. I have been quoted too 3500 dhs for slight wobble, that got cured in 55 dhs U-joint for drive shaft original from Al Tayer. Quoted 12000 dhs for air springs, that cost 1500 job with original spares and labor. In my experience, I feel Porsche's are more expensive than RR. I cried a lot on every service of my Cayenne Turbo. Then come the ML500 and RR almost at the same price level.
    • There is a reason you won't find a RR with low mileage because it is very hard and very expensive to turn the odometer back, next to impossible. Either you change all ecus including the cluster gauge from a single al with same mileage or be ready to hire a hacker who can hack into the ecu.  Cars like caddilac need a cheap usb obd dongle and set the mileage to whatever you like or go to Shj and pay 50 DHs and have it 000000 if you like.  Notice how you will find almost every car even 15 yrs old with low mileage but as you know almost no RRs. Ever wondered why? I love the new Escalades and if RRs didn't exist in this world Id probably be driving them. Also the Jaguar S/C unit and the ZF transmission are know to last long I've seen cars with 300k plus kms on it and still pilling strong. And now there are about a dozen dedicated LR workshops in Shj that charge very reasonable rates also couple of new scrapyards srocked to the roof with new RRs also very reasonable. And believe me parts are not expensive at all save for an odd bit here and there. You can call me or msg me for a detailed discussion if you like Also i know to many you they come with built in latches that you can undo and the hood opens up straight 90degrees where you can actually sit on the motor and work if you like. Ask me how I know this! As for a vote do I even need to?  
    • I am always afraid from Range Rovers. I heard and read many bad stories about them. In my country they are saying; First owner will drive the Range Rover after that Range Rover start to drive the next owners. For that reason i would go with Escalade.
    • Thanks, Saleem for your valuable input and I totally agree that Escalade hood is 2 bedroom hall that you can sleep and work happily and that's what makes its maintenance lot easy and prolly cheaper than RR. Thanks, Fredrick as I said my heart is set on RR, but I am unable to find the clean one and in Silver / Grey color in under 100k mileage. RR having donkey mileage is gonna be a money pit as I had one before (146K kms) and I know all the associated drama. Having said that, I like to try new cars everytime as I keep the car for 2 years and flip for minimal depreciation within 5-7 years of age. Perfect to try best cars without losing an arm and leg. I never repeated any car in my last 15 years of driving history and RR is the only one that I wish to repeat. One of my close friends recommended Escalade and after driving few I can say that they are no less than RR (just 7-inch longer) and that's what made me little confused for my next buy. I hope someone here will have some strong point to persuade my decision in either direction.
    • Hey Gaurav, Of course opinions are like onions, they can make you cry, but i will try to give mine: * The Range Rover is a very capable car and if you can find a well-maintained one, you could be lucky. However i hear many technical issues with these cars, and very very high maintenance costs involved. So finding a decent workshop which has some knowledge of these cars will be required. * The Escalade is a fantastic and indeed roomy SUV but again on terms of maintenance cost and reliability they are notoriously bad. I am sure that there are tons of people driving these cars and are very happy with it. So it comes down on some experiences and maybe having a chat with some workshops and car mechanics to see how they feel about it. I'd definitely go for the Range Rover, but try to find a very good model from a private owner (used a transport from and to school)          
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