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Lens Lovers Club - Perseids Meteor Shower and AstroPhotography Session - 12 August 2021



Following up on the idea of @munkybizness:

The Perseids Meteor Showers began on July 17th and will continue until they peak on the nights of August 12th and 13th with up to 60 trails per hour.




The plan is to have a meetup with max. 15 members to practice and enjoy the art of Night photography and learn from each other. Bring whatever camera you have and have a look at the advisable settings in your camera's manual or ask in the forum. After the event you can publish your photos in our gallery !

Meetup Location: Buraq Dam Parking 

Photography location: 


What to bring:

Red headlamp and/or flashlight, camping chair, Camera or Smartphone, tripod, film/memory cards, extra battery, Recommended Lens(es). A tripod is recommended for night photography.

Note: This meetup session is COVID19 Compliant, hence we strictly ask all members to wear their masks, keep social distance, and not to share any food.

This is not an Offroad drive, there will no need to deflate.

For the members who are joining us for the first time, please let us know which camera/lenses you are using and in which category you would put yourself:

1- Absolute Newbie. (Interested in Photography, but mostly use the Automatic settings, and things like aperture, iso, and f-stops are a mystery to me).

2- Enthusiast. (Is not afraid of experimenting with the manual settings, and knows his way around his camera a bit).

3- Jedi Master. (Is mastering not only his own equipment, but can help out or other members during the session).



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