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Intermediate Level Wagan Desert Drive - 2nd Dec 2018


Event details

A long anticipated drive is finally around the corner. Ever since we set sights on Wagan in the beginning of the year I am sure in everyone’s heart, we were wondering when we would be returning back. Now, with the weather cooling off and on the occasion of National Day Celebration, Carntiy Offroad Club is celebrating it in its own unique version of having a drive through the absolutely amazing Wagan Dunes. And hopefully with a little bit of luck we would have found a nice set of dunes without hitting any fences.


Plan is to have a full day drive starting from Al Wagan and ending on the other side near Umm Al Oush.


Meeting Time: 8:00 am on 2nd Dec

Location : ADNOC Gas Station : https://goo.gl/maps/89AN54b7tsA2


End Point : Umm Al Oush https://goo.gl/maps/ufdCxScTL4T2

End Timing : Around 7:00 pm on 2nd Dec


Level of Drive : Intermediate and Above only



  • Your 4x4 should be well serviced and all lubes and fluid should be topped up
  • 20 Liter fuel jerry can
  • 20 Liter water can or equivalent water bottles
  • Air compressor, tow rope, 2 rated shackles, proper shovel, flag, jack and wooden plank

Please ensure that your car is in the best possible condition as this is an area that would definitely test your vehicle. Also, please carry the bare essentials for the drive so as to reduce the load in your vehicle.

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