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    • Hi @vivian you can get these stickers on Ali express I have purchased 2 
    • @Barry point noted   
    • I have a machine here for cutting vinyl. Can’t do those 3d ones though. Dragon mart is the place to go. You’ll find everything there. I saw a Corolla with 3d GT-R badges on my way to work yesterday so anything is possible in dragon mart. Personally, I hate the place. If you’re going it’s a good idea to bring one of those kick scooters. 
    • @shadow79 Thanks bhai much appreciated. @sidshk i did search on souq.com i did find one seller, call me old fashioned but i prefer to buy from a shop . i want to keep online shopping as the last resort.  I am actually looking for a shop or shops  that sells such logos for cars as i have other friends of mine also interested and looking into buy some 3d stickers for their rides too.
    • Check E Bay or Amazon you will find it 
    • well then let me take a round to him then i will let you know