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This group is dedicated to wadi lovers and camping enthusiasts. Please share your experiences and tips and tricks which can be helpful to other enthusiasts. New camp sites and routes are most welcome. Also please share deals or good bargains on Camping related products.

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  2. Yes Mleiha museum is definitely worth a trip. Try the cafeteria on the backside, it’s fabulous. You can drive around the area as there are some easy accessible roads leading into the desert. But don’t camp In that area. We did one and didn’t sleep for 5 mins. with the racing muppets and heroes racing up fossil rock.
  3. @Radhika be careful if you're camping out in any Wadi, do check the weather for rain, and if you see the first sign of rain please head out. Safety first. Land slides are deadly.
  4. Wadi Shawka is a good option if the other side where we camp is still open and accessible. A normal / regular side is overcrowded and can't really find a place to park, let alone camp and BBQ. Sharing both the tracks here in two diff format, hope these track still accessible Shawka Kayak.gpx Shawka Kayak.kmz Wadi Shawka.gpx Wadi Shawka.kmz
  5. Thank you @Rahimdad for the birthday wish! Wadi Shawka was our first choice but considering it's a long weekend and everyone will want to be out enjoying the weather it would get very busy. So we thought of exploring something else. Want to stay away from enclaves mainly for the purpose of not having to use roaming on our phones (I know sounds silly). Maybe a random weekend will go to Shawka when not everyone's trying to go there
  6. Welcome @Radhika. A very happy advanced birthday greeting to you. Never knew you shared your birthday with UAE. I am not much of a wadi person, but appreciate the knowledge of @Jeh when it comes to wadis. I have done one wadi drive with @Jeh which took us through Wadi Shawka which is an hour drive from Dubai. We then headed to the Hatta pools which was amazing place for families, however not sure about camping and BBQ. @Jeh if you can share insight on camping and BBQ in the Hatta Pool area. https://carnity.com/gallery/category/67-hatta-wadi-drive-lake-kayaking I also remember doing Wadi Shawka with Gaurav bhai, wonderful place for families, bonus was the hidden track to the side where they store the water. @Gaurav bhai maybe you can share the track. I'm sure camping and BBQ would be fine as @waqaszohair and his wife served up some absolutely delicious chicken BBQ. https://carnity.com/gallery/category/4-wadi-shawka-3-march-2017
  7. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I think we'll give Wadi Siji a shot and see where and how that goes. Will keep you all posted on the reviews. If that doesn't work out then will probably explore something new and keep you posted on that too!
  8. Thanks Frederic! I agree with you, the wadis we visited as kids and swam in either no longer exist or not accessible anymore. The place you suggested looks great, but we want to stay in UAE. So if there's anything worth going to here would be highly appreciated.
  9. I am not sure whether you have heard of Mleiha Museum. http://www.discovermleiha.ae/ It's a great place to visit & very educational for kids as well. The location is very picturesque. Post the visit to the museum you can drive inside a bit and there are small enclosed spaces which are a bit rocky and sandy where you can do BBQ and camp as well. The best part is its only an hours drive from Dubai. https://goo.gl/maps/wrvXAFHSFGR2
  10. Oman is always a great option! Its a beautiful place to explore if you have a 4x4.
  11. In my opinion the Wadi's in UAE are not really worth a visit anymore. Either they are dry, or they are full of garbage and too many people. If you are up to driving a bit further down to Oman then please read on. We did both Wadi Tiwi and Wadi Shab in Oman a few weeks back and they are simply stunning. Both can be done with young kids but involves a busy day hiking, climbing and swimming. We also camped on the beach in Oman because it is still allowed. Lots of information can be found online by googling them. The OMAN Offroad books that you can buy in the bookshop are even better as they provide more detailed information.
  12. Do you prefer a location which is a mix of desert and mountains? Since you mentioned that you wanna avoid sandy places or was it a reference to beach.
  13. Thank you for the wish! We have 2 x 4x4 and 1 x SUV. We dont mind driving for up to 2hours. Wadi Siji is just off E88 close to Friday market. I saw some images on google maps and the most recent one is from Nov 2018 and it looks decent (see below) Thanks @Ren13 but everyone wants to go in the mountains and not to the beach. If we take the kids to the beach they'd want to go in the water and if the weather doesn't permit then they'd be bummed out. So better not to show them the beach
  14. Hey @Radhika advance Happy Bday to you! 🌹 Do all of you have a 4x4? Or there are some Sedans as well? How far are you willing to drive? Or do you want someplace within an hour drive? Btw i haven't heard of this Wadi Siji. Share some photos or info that you have heard.
  15. Hi @Radhika if you are looking at family outing Fujairah/Dibba is a nice place on the beach area in line to radisson Blu where you can enjoy the kool weather and also do a barbeque or bon fire. i am visiting the same spot 2 weeks in a row now and enjoy the scenic drive and kool breeze and weather. if it rains then you will get to see water streams while driving through the mountains.
  16. Very good post @Radhika Maybe it's time for wadi champions to come forward and build a solid list of open and closed wadi's as they are always changing @Jeh @Rahimdad @skumar83 @Abdul Basit Khan please help if you have any current heads-up on wadi's in UAE
  17. Hi Campers We're planning a bbq picnic in the wadi for Sunday, 2nd Dec (also happens to be my bday) and we're running out of ideas on which wadi to camp at. We narrowed down to Wadi Siji but cant seem to find any useful information online hence coming to you all for help/suggestions. We are 4 families (and just 2 kids) and want to go somewhere that's easily accessible, kid friendly and bbq friendly. Is Wadi Siji a good place? I'm also open to other suggestions (not in the sand). However we also prefer to stay away from Oman exclaves :) Thanks in advance. Looking forward to some solid advise. :)
  18. @Jeh it's not just the places visited or not being adrenaline packed, it was a journey to brag about. We thoroughly enjoyed the drive and the climb to the top of the Du tower. What a breath taking view. Thanks for the great post. Loved every moment including The company of your guests, they were fun to be with. Looking forward to more such drives.
  19. Thanks @Rahimdad for that summary and rest of the guys for joining. Although I know it wasn't as an adrenaline pushing drive as you guys usually have but am glad at least that you guys discovered some new place. Sorry to hear about the breakdown but as they say incidents such as these make great stories someday.. otherwise its just good ol routine life. Anyways more than the drive I am more excited to share the Kayaking experience. Standing in the queue waiting to buy the tickets I was having second thoughts whether ill be able to survive the scorching heat. But as soon as I hit the water in that Kayak all the stress and heat just magically disappeared. It's really hard to believe that even in that heat the water in that lake is freezing cold and the fun to paddle across the lake its more than one can imagine. ! The lake is huge and one can just paddle across or simply stretch there legs and relax in the floating waters. This place would be an awesome hangout in winters. I really regret not knowing about this activity area during the winters. None the less this was an awesome experience and everyone along with their family and kids should do this activity. It's totally worth it. P.S. If someone is planning to go, it's better to reach there early around 8 am and on a Saturday to avoid the crowds.
  20. Let me start by thanking @jeh for posting sosomething really different and ended up is one of the days to brag about for a lot of reasons. It all started in the early morning hours and a good stretch of drive on road with some scenic mountains on the way in the early morning hours as the Sun tried to make its way up was such a visual treat. Upon reaching to wadi we had a quick driver brief, deflated and were on our way. We saw some more early risers on the way which gave a really good vibe. After all the camels and Gazals and Oryx we finally got to see a donkey which was different.As we drove through the wadi @Gaurav commentedvdo you remember this from last year Rahim bhai and I was like but that was a different place. Right towards the end I had to eat my words as it was the same wadi with a different entrance. On the way we came across a mountain where Du had its tower, it was a steep but easy climb to the top which gave us an awesome viewpoint. The drive, route chosen and company of some awesome people made it an amazing experience. But it did not end here, as we continued to drive towards Barra the anticipation grew. We stopped on the way to inflate and kept on driving through some scenic mountains. As we reached the point we were greeted by the tallest painting on the wadi wall of the late HH Sheikh Zayed and the late HH Sheikh Rashid which made us stand up and salute the pioneers of this amazing place UAE. As we drove to the top of the dam wall another visual treat awaited us. The beautiful calm water in between the mountains and a lot of activities going on, mostly kayaking. At this point I started to miss my family and it was too close to Friday prayer time. So bidding Jeh and his friends Adieu we headed to the Mosque just in time to offer my Friday prayers. After the Friday prayers and everyone missing the sands we headed to Maliha where we started a completely different track to attack the Fossil Rocks and found steps to climb it one step at a time. Unfortunately at one stage we had a burster radiator, but once again with good team effort we got the vehicle out on the road without ever having to start the engine. We inflated our tires once again as we waited for the recovery truck to arrive and with snacks and drinks flowing time became irrelevant. Many thanks to Jeh once again for such a brilliant day out and this gives us an idea to make a family trip to use the kayaking to the maximum. Until next time I bid you farewell.
  21. Wow, been waiting for this. I am not so familiar with the wadi and mountains, good to have an expert in this witin the Carnity group. Thanks for posting such a wonderful outing @Jeh. I'm in and need full support.
  22. Welcome to the off-road bug. I and Rahimdad have this scenario for a long time.
  23. Swimming is not allowed by Law. What if somebody fell in lake ? still he is not allowed to swim ?
  24. it's been more than a while since I have gone on a drive. So the wife is asking what's wrong. That's the sign that why are you at home on a Friday
  25. Thats always the case, i just bailed myself 5 min back. Lol
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