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This group is for all and everyone, it doesn’t matter what you drive and if you don’t drive. I made this group cause I’m a huge JDM fan and I didn’t see any club related to that so if you own any car related to that we are buddies and also we can share and compare or modifications also discuss our problems. WELCOME TO PETROLHEADS
  1. What's new in this club
  2. @Binsaloom I think I've met you a couple of times. You were converting a Soarer to manual last year?
  3. Yes he is the Soarer - proud owner, 1 1/2 Soarer, lol
  4. Habibi is that you with 1JZ SC300. I am glad you are in this forum with us.
  5. And more than likely you meet them online or on drives, as I made tons of like-minded friends online and in UAE desert.
  6. It’s so shockingly amazing how you meet people with the same thinking😂
  7. You start talking and you never know there must be so many people waiting to listen to it silently, just like your above pic
  8. You most welcome @Gaurav I just wish if there was many other people hear discussing about the Japanese cars problems and reliability’s I will be so damn active and addicted to this site and that the reason why this is a group of ANYTHING @Barry sure we don’t have so much of real JDM cars here but the people here adapted a habit of treating all the Japanese cars a JDM, it doesn’t matter if the car was American or GCC spec
  9. I love a bit of JDM. Just a shame you never see any here. I could probably count the number of JDM cars I've seen in the last 3 years on one hand. Here sir, have a rocket bunny s15 for your troubles,
  10. Thanks, @Binsaloom for creating this most appropriate car club here - Petrolheads. Like you mentioned above I also like JDM simplicity and reliability, especially of older models.

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