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  2. In the 2018 Airbag Forum, ZF have introduced the concept of a new type of airbag. The new technology is designed to protect passengers in cars in side impact collisions. A large cushion is inflated outside the body, covering the door area for a brief moment before a side impact. ZF States that they have already conducted tests which show that the lateral outer cushion allows the severity of injuries to be reduced by 40%. According to the developers, this technology will be especially relevant for self-driving cars, in which passenger involvement will differ from the traditional. ZF would like to introduce this new technology on all cars with immediate effect. Meanwhile, some cars already have the outer “airbag” along the lower edge of the windshield is to protect a downed pedestrian from hard impacts (the original pioneer was the hatchback Volvo V40, which debuted in 2012). My personal opinion. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. I got T-boned by a car doing 60 MPH 17 years ago. The day I passed my first driving test. I was minding my own business, going to pick up some friends from a nightclub. The impact was so violent that the car bent like a banana, the transmission tunnel collapsed and my seat ended up on the passenger side of the car. To this day I still have back problems and on a bad day, I have to turn my full body to speak to the person next to me because my neck is stiff. Something like this could have saved me a lifetime of pain. On the other hand, this technology is required to be preemptive. The car needs to sense that an impact is close in order to deploy the system. I have seen airbags pop out because someone hit a speed bump too hard and I’ve even seen them pop out a couple of times for no apparent reason at all. A false deployment of this system could injure anyone standing too close or damage an overtaking car, even push both cars off the road, not to mention the repair costs for a false deployment. I like the idea, but I don’t think technology has come far enough to make it a reliable system. 50 million Takata airbags have been recalled due to faulty igniters already. To me, that just says we aren’t quite there yet.
  3. Can apply these three to electric cars and they fit like a glove.
  4. Sorry but I don’t buy into it. Point 1, any fuel tank is never safe. And I for one would never trust a carbon fibre tank. Carbon fibre is strong but it’s only as strong as the resin holding it together. Have you ever seen a carbon fibre panel after a crash? It explodes into thousands of tiny shards. It’s basically glorified fibreglass. Point 2, it is clean but it’s not clean to produce. Yes hydrogen does burn clean as I already stated but, it’s the current process of manufacturing hydrogen that is unclean. What’s the point of a clean fuel if you make pollution to create it? Point 3, exactly, there is no infrastructure. Where are you going to go to fill up your hydrogen car? Do you want to have to drive 100 miles to the nearest station every time? Inconvenient is the word. People want to fill up on their commute home, not travel to do it. What if you run out? You’ll need a recovery truck to get back.
  5. Have a look at this one: https://www.hygen.com/the-top-3-myths-about-hydrogen-fuel-cell-electric-cars/
  6. The Hyundai Nexo hydrogen powered car Pretty decent looking everyday driving car, no mad outlandish futuristic styling, and I think that matters. Most people don’t want some mad futuristic thing, they want a car they can drive every day. So, Hyundai seem to be making a big push on this car now. Look at that interior though, so 2006, So how do y’all think this hydrogen technology will go? I love the idea behind it. Split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Store the hydrogen and release the oxygen into the atmosphere. When you burn the hydrogen, it takes the oxygen back out of the atmosphere and turns back to water. As clean as clean can be. But.... it takes a lot of energy (electricity) to split water. If fossil fuels or the current nuclear energy is being used to split the water, it defeats the purpose. Wind is unreliable. Solar energy is the only real solution and that’s only available during the daytime. Then we have to add the fact that hydrogen is explosive as heck. Remember the Hindenburg anyone? It’s dangerous to transport and store. Do you really want some of the “mentally challenged” people who can’t even fill their own car to be in charge of what is essentially a bomb on wheels? One venture into the wrong lane without indicators and the hydrogen “pop” could wipe out everything in a 500m radius.
  7. They are saying this since the last 10 years for electric cars, hybrid cars, and autonomous cars, but the problem is there 10-year countdown hasn't started yet. I don't think this is possible in Dubai either unless you got so bored to reach Oman by picking random roads.
  8. I’m not averse to the idea of self driving cars. I love the idea of going to a bar, having a few beers, and your car will drop you home again and park itself ready for work in the morning. I read an article on BBC news today saying that “normal” people will stop buying normal cars within 10 years. Whilst I love the idea of self driving cars, most of my driving has been random bored drives. Picking random roads to see where they go, ending up at the top of a mountain somewhere and enjoying the view. I don’t think this human element can ever be eliminated.
  9. everything seems bitter but eventually it just catches on...
  10. Well I wouldn't mind self driving cars for the shitty stuff like long commutes in traffic, or long bland highway drives. Most of todays cars are atleast 80% self drive on highway with adaptive cruise control and lane assist anyways. Add self steering to that and you are 100% auto drive on the highway atleast. But in busy cities I wouldn't trust it too much. Like commercial jets are 95% "auto drive" nowadays with pilots on hand flying them while take off and landing. Although most can autoland too, rest of the time the pilot is just there to see everything is working as its suppose to.
  11. In my opinion humans are very advanced when it comes to sensory control and adaption, but too many drivers are either texting, acting emotional, or cannot adjust to the pace of the traffic by driving too fast or too slow. How much i love and enjoy driving, i came to the conclusion that technology is currently advancing at a speed that we reached a point where in a few years a computer or self-driving car will be so much better and safer than any human could ever try to be. Look at the benefits and how many thousands of lives could be spared every year simply due to the fact that a computer does not become tired or distracted. In the near future i suspect that the majority of the cars will be on AUTO-drive mode during the commute, but you should always have the ability to take the wheel and choose for yourselves if you like to drive your car. I still remember a family member that was a professional bus driver for 30+ years that didn't want to use GPS systems. When GPS became commercial his daughter bought him his first TOMTOM system and he never looked back and admitted the ease of use in every city or town around the globe. Goes to show how fast the world changes and we all have to adapt and open ourselves up to the technologic evolution.
  12. Amazing to see how tech is being used to make people lazy. Where is the love of driving cars gone now......! With all respect of hi-tech sensory world, but autonomous can never replicate real human reaction and still keep the pace. Only thing autonomous is learning now to brake brake and brake on slightest of instant swerve 300 lanes beside, that is not good. I have an adaptive cruise in Range and as much as I love it for the safety aspect, I hate it and stopped using it now as it brakes more often and 9 out of 10 times for some lame reasons. And in the minimal gap, it needs 50 meters in front of it completely empty.
  13. Ever wonder how autonomous cars see the road? Well here a simple guide,
  14. Maybe not car related but this is a beautiful video of todays Falcon 9 launch. We’ve come a long way since the Americans sent people into the upper atmosphere in cobbled up pieces of aluminium shite. It’s just a shame we have all this knowledge but still choose to ruin the world we have to live in.
  15. Nope no clue who Ari is and what a climbdance. And each to his own I guess. These French POS's are as Treks put it have the same amount of appeal to me as a toaster or a fridge. Although I think my toaster is better looking than all the French crap posted in this thread, and more useful too.
  16. You forgot a few. 405 Mi16 4x4. Just a shame so many of them were scrapped for their engines to upgrade 205s. 309 GTi, especially the Goodwood edition. A bigger, better version of the 205 GTi. Then you have the old school cool stuff like the 505 GTi. I won’t even post the T16s. Anybody ever heard of Ari Vatanen? I’m sure everyone has seen Climbdance. Sideways at 100mph on pikes peak, one hand on the steering wheel, the other over his face keeping the sun out of his eyes. I make no apologies for it. I love Peugeot’s and their classier Citroen sisters. These cars have souls. Toyotas are just washing machines with wheels.
  17. For Peugeot you dont need to throw any money it is coming ready from the factory. 250 GTI, 106 GTI, 306 GTI, 206 RC, 207 RC, 208 GTI, 308 GTI, RCZ R just buy and take it to track day. RCZ R hold the FWD best lap time of Istanbul Park for a long long time. It was a factory car without anything. This car is coming from factory 1.6 270hp engine LSD diff and manuel gearbox.
  18. Nope never had one. My Dutch neighbor's girlfriend had a red one who asked me to sell it for 4k. After he had spent around that much fixing an AC issue by changing some crap near the transmission lever a few months ago. If you think back my only car which was a non 4x4 which I ever owned was my first car. 1992 Civic accord, which I drove on export plates for three months and sold it. My Dad had imported a Station wagon Ford Taurus and a VW Golf from Japan which he let me drive until he sold them. And all of this was before I met you. So Ive owned only one non SUV in my entire life.
  19. If I remember correctly, you had Peugeot 206 ish once in red or blue color when you were in Discovery Garden
  20. @Barry i have seen a 4 wheel corolla and the trd one to being made out of half cuts...the 4 wheel chassis is same as the front wheel one you just have to remove and toss the parts and if you buying proper half cut of these cars they come with the doors trunk shaft and the rear differential... and celica the 3s-gte turbo engine with wiring and the manifolds you will get for around 7k you can easily toss that one in camrys and the rav4 of the same era....
  21. Ok that Corolla is a WRC model. You can’t just “get a half cut from Japan”. A running one is going to cost you anywhere from 6-700k dhs. The Celica is a GT4 ST185. Good luck finding a half cut for that. Even if you do, you’ll be missing half the 4 wheel drive system and the floorpan is different to the standard car anyway. The AE86 has a certain coolness about it but it’s really nothing special. It’s a 130 BHP Corolla. The only saving factor is that it came from the factory with LSD so can drift with a few suspension mods.
  22. By throwing enough money and parts at it. You can turn any car into a power and handling beast so thats not the point of the discussion. Point is out of the factory French cars sucked ass. Not a single one to date I can say, yeah I wouldn't mind having that. And I'm the kind of guy who doesn't really care about maintenance, fuel consumption or resale value. Being a long term owner of many Land Rovers is a testament to that. If I like it, it appeals to me, has character and I can afford it, then I'm getting it. And a French car has never done that for me.
  23. @sertac are you talking about these cars then you can easily convert your everyday corolla in these performance wise just by buying a rally edition halfcut from japan and toss the parts in you wont even have to worry about passing too
  24. I think I posted this before here somewhere. I bought an alfasud a few years ago because I wanted the carbs for something else, it was cheap enough to warrant buying the car just to get the parts. I knew before I got there it would be rotten but when I got there, all that was left was the engine with a couple of pieces of rusty metal hanging off the mounts.
  25. I used to feel this way about some Alfa Romeos. Back in the day, there was nothing that could touch a 2L Alfetta in the handling department, and a large part of the performance department as well, but those days are long gone. All the good Alfa's have rusted away.
  26. I was thinking we were talking about sports cars. Every 1000 Toyota you can only find 1 sports model. Others are out of subject. We were talking crazy track day use of sport Peugeots.

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