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  2. if it was mine i wouldn't toss that engine in a car but glass case it and keep it safe only for looking...
  3. That is sexy but if they had done it on a GZ it would have been really special
  4. one of the most sacred engines of Toyota had been artistically done by RM polishing and plating and that engine is modified to give out put of 900 to 1000 hp with the right mods and was made by SRD group just look and drool even the oil fill cap is a Rolex
  5. Well shops that work in ugga dugga's also should receive payment in ugga buggas!
  6. So the torque tables went out the window, only uga duggas🤣
  7. In the world of the Germans, sausages are a holy item.
  8. its pretty weird that a part number actually refers to food items as well https://www.atlasobscura.com/foods/volkswagen-originalteil-sausages
  9. I prefer newton metres, even pounds per foot if you choose to subscribe to caveman methods like so many of our American terrorist friends choose to do. If don’t have a modern torque wrench to hand, I can still use the old American terrorist system and make it work. Ugga dugga is way back. 4 Ugga Duggas to tighten an wheel. 6 ugga duggas to tighten a brand new cylinder head down to a new gasket. If you’re installing a new spark plug, one ugga dugga is plenty. @Rahimdad since you recently had a problem with stuck spark plugs, what is your thoughts on the ugga dugga method?
  10. From the Urban Dictionary- An automotive technician that has no clue what they are doing. That new guy Justin is a real headless ugga dugga
  11. We once had to remove a M32 bolt that was seized in one of our yarn extrusion machines. It took us 3 hours with drive impact wrench like above, and another guy with a torch weld.In mid of summer where it was 46 degrees between the machines. That day i was very glad that i'm an electrician, not a mechanic...
  12. when that 10mm bolt does not budge just bring out the daddy and go bat shit crazy ugga duggaing left and right... you know what i mean
  13. ugga duuga is a form of measurement of torque using you impact wrench when it reaches its end and the hammers in the impact wrench make those sounds to tighten the said bolts or nuts. it isn't as precise as the torque wrench but it helps...
  14. much of the cars in American and GCC market share the specs apart from some cosmetic changes like km/hr to miles/hr and some front and rear bumper designs so the difference shouldn't be much as they too have a area of desert somewhere in south
  15. And if such list exist for UAE then top places will go to the highest bidders, just like businesses buying awards like a furniture these days on peony reasoning. From hospitality industry to banking to medical to insurance etc.
  16. We’re still waiting on the world famous “Desertdude” indexlist, that lists cars not per reliability but as per their ability or not to suck ass 😂
  17. Balls! BMW sucks ass! Lexus everyone knows about, Yotas majority of them too bland and characterless to even think about.
  18. The number of vehicles should not matter as it’s a percentage rating:
  19. Good point. Maybe the number of vehicles on the road from a specific manufacturer also comes into play. And there will be less European cars on American roads.
  20. This is the US list. We should take into account that US has sometimes other engine specs, different climate, and other things that might come into play. So 100% applicable to UAE it won’t be. https://www.jdpower.com/business/press-releases/2019-us-vehicle-dependability-studyvds
  21. Audi, Mini, BMW are too high up that list. From experience, I have my doubts.
  22. Blame it on Nissan's ridiculous and incredibly bad CVT transmissions.
  23. And how come Audi, Mini, BMW, Hyundai, Kia above Nissan and Mitsubishi. Is that a joke or giving more milk to crying child.
  24. It says BMW is better than Mercedes. How to trust this?
  25. dependable vehicles list is out guess who's on the top
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