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Remote Control Car Club in UAE for big boys with kid's heart

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  2. Finally found one on ebay that delivers to London, just now ordered one and will bring it with me. Tamiya 1:10 RC Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop CC-01 Limited 47331 Kit
  3. Sorry, dragon mart special but it has one feature. The only RC car in the world with variable window tints.
  4. Ok, it’s not the best model rc car in the world but it’s the first with variable window tints.
  5. I am by no means an expert. I’ve messed about with RC stuff in the past but I’ve never got too deep into it, just a basic working knowledge. A well maintained battery on a mid-high end car should give you at the minimum 30 minutes play time. Charging time can be 1 hour or it can be 8 hours. It just depends on the battery capacity. Batteries are removable so it’s always a good idea to have a spare or 2. The nitros are the noisy smokey ones. They’re little 2 stroke engines. Nitro fuel is a blend of methanol, nitromethane and lubricants. Because it is a 2 stroke engine and has no oil sump, the lubricants in the fuel protect the moving parts and this lubricant is what creates the smoke.
  6. Seems like barry has enough knowledge on this subject. Im highly interested in this hobby, can you please explain some basic knowledge on RC cars and clear few doubts: Standard battery version last for how long (traxxas or whatever)? And how long they take to charge? Do they come in the removable battery option to stick spare when you want to play more? What is the nitro option? Is it same as running on petrol type of fuel? What is the drive time of such option cars? Is the nitro are the one that makes hell of a noise and produce noticeable smoke too as seen in some places from a distance? PS: Im still at very basic level of buying my car RC models from off the shelf. The most frustrating part of these is the super limited playtime of less than 8-10 mins with prime performance and charge time of over an hour, that kills the whole mood.
  7. I would love to have one, but with 1500+ price tag, I definitely want to feel in real first before buying for the detailing quality check. Secondly, I would prefer a metal top than plastic for that amount of money. Any idea, anyone here in UAE sells these off the shelf like hobby center or RC specialize shops....?
  8. Sorry, I forgot to post the link 🙄 http://uae.souq.com/ae-en/traxxas-76044-1-latrax-sst-4wd-truck-1-18-rtr-10523702/i/?a_source=google&a_medium=cpc&a_content=search_shopping&u_type=shopping&a_campaign=Shopping-UAE-EN-Global&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8t2NruL51gIVCjgbCh3KCwrxEAQYASABEgIp0_D_BwE
  9. Try something like this 625 dhs to get you started. It’s RTR (ready to run) which means what it says, it’s ready to run, meaning built. All you have to do is charge the batteries and go. If you want to get into Nitro powered stuff, it starts around 3-4K dhs. It’s a lot more fun but requires a bit of technical knowledge to keep them running. When you have a bit of experience you can start buying components and modify your own or buy a chassis and start building. Id recommend starting out with traxxas stuff. It’s good quality.
  10. Now that I committed my self to this RC Car club, I have a few hundred questions: 1. Can i get a decent rc kit fo under aed 500? 2. Where can i get this. 3. Idealy, I want to assemble it. Is that a good move or do you suggest buy one off the shelf? Gaurav Bhai if this works the next club will be for RC gliders...they will be awesome to fly from the top of dunes- as long as we can land them she somewhere safely.
  11. Hi @Gaurav, What you are looking at is called as the Tamiya Mitsubishi Pajero (CC-01) Here is a video of someone who built one http://www.rc4x4-shop.com/Pajero-Raid-CMX-Chassis-KIT-Motor-and-ESC-d240.htm
  12. Traxxas are probably the best ready to run rc nitro cars in the world.
  13. Gaurav, I love your Pajero and by any chance, if ever you plan to sell please PM me. I know killer body, but whats traxas?
  14. Money no object, build it yourself. 1:16 Traxxas rally chassis and a shell from Killer Body.
  15. SInce a long time, I am on the lookout for buying a good quality Remote Control Pajero, same as my shape. Appreciate any heads up in the right direction.
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