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  2. Good that you called out these unethical car dealers. I was offered 40% less on agreed price over phone when visited. Completely denying the earlier conversation... Absolute waste of time....
  3. Thanks @Srikumar for the wonderful relaxed morning drive and for the thriling second half.. Thanks @Rahimdad, @Gaurav, @Srikumar, @Fredericfor making this sport that we all love safer for everyone.. U guys make sure that everyone ends their drive with a smile. @tjsingh, @Roshan Abraham, @Syed Ahmed Welcome to the carnity family...
  4. Thank you @Srikumar for putting the whole drive together, well planned and very well executed. Thank you to @Gaurav, @Srikumar, @Frederic, @AKR for supporting the second half. Well done to @tjsingh, @Syed Ahmed and @Roshan Abraham for your enthusiasm and very level headed approach. Kindly provide feedback to help us improve on the below link.
  5. Wow!! Good Luck. Someday all desert safari drivers will be certified by Carnity.
  6. We are proud to announce yet another big milestone in Carnity Offroad Club, to train, develop and now certify off-roaders once they attain a certain level of skills. This certification will help all off-roaders in attaining a right set of skills as their drive count grows so that they can focus on a specific area of development and work towards better learning along with weekly drives. Following the Carnity Offroad Club Grading Structure, once any off-roader crosses the Intermediate level and gets promoted to Advance level, he/she will receive their digital certificate with announcement and copy of their certificate will be posted here in chronological order. Hi-resolution print-quality certificate will be email to them after the announcement is made. Here are the key skills that we have identified as criteria for getting certified. Intermediate Basic dune & sand formation reading Side sloping, Ridge riding, Criss-crossing Learn recoveries under Marshal supervision Advance Second lead to correct the route Map reading & basic navigational skills Help in sweep and technical recoveries Expert Lead drive with Marshal/Crew Strategic convoy management Advance GPS navigational skills Marshal Lead drive independently Advance route & exit planning Extreme recoveries & Fire fighting Crew Explore new areas independently Develop and promote all off-roaders Manage drive calendar with all Marshals List of all Carnity Certified Off-roaders
  7. Thank you carnity team for organizing a wonderful drive, it was my first time driving and i enjoyed every moment, i felt very safe and relaxed and enjoyed the drive with you , thank you first of all to @Shamil my good friend who introducing me to the offroad culture and always motivated me, thanks mate could not have done it without you, special thanks to @Gaurav bhai , @Rahimdad bhai , @Srikumar and all other participants for making it a wonderful experience, would love to join you guys again soon, take care and have a good week .😃
  8. Wonderful pic ! The Pajero looking at its breakfast !
  9. While I do understand the concept of such business and that they need to make money. But at least offer a proper service for the money that you are taking. The easiest way to sell a car is by lowering the price. You don't require a genius to understand that. What's important is to be fair to all the parties that are involved. I guess it just shows again to stay away from such dealers who have shallow knowledge and really don't bother at what price you sell the car as long as they get their commission.
  10. Great review @Gaurav. It’s unfortunately a typical thing in UAE for businesses to call themselves experts while they just have some low paid number crunchers behind their desks that are ill-informed, non trained, and not properly managed. When you have plans of selling your car in the UAE, you’re entering a snakepit it seems. From the hundreds of people that call you on Dubizzle with stupid offers, scammers, fakers, and people just waisting your time, a genuine car selling website like Carswitch would be a great concept IF managed properly by a group of specialists that have the ease of mind of their customers as first priority. Your genuine review informs people, and that’s what the core and purpose of Carnity is all about: protecting the car enthusiast from dubious businesses and helping them to avoid the snake pit.
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  12. Using Carswitch has been a total waste of my time, money, hassle, email and storage space. TOTALLY DISAPPOINTING. There has been another thread here where a lot of people discussed and debated if Carswitch is real or scam or not, so I thought of testing this new car selling service myself while selling my Range Rover to write a detailed review on Carswitch to help other car owners. Read my full review with 10 reasons before thinking of using Carswitch.com by yourself, so your expectations are set to reality than what they advertise and promote themselves as No 1. car selling site in Dubai. First they charge 100 Dhs (earlier 300 Dhs) to come and take pictures and list your car in Carswitch.com. Then Carswitch charges below commission if they can sell your car at the value you expect: Sound interesting (only this point). And I'm sure because of this kicker plenty of car owners must be falling in the trap, I will explain it soon. Carswitch Commission Structure 2,100 AED for less than 50,000 car value 2,625 AED for 50,000 - 89,000 car value 3,150 AED for 90,000 and above car value Condition: If you overprice the car to add commission then you also need to change price in other classified sites. So I decided to list my car with carswitch on 20, Aug 2019: 2012 Range Rover Vogue Supercharged Autobiography Kit from dealer GCC Spec, Full options Full Service History from Al Tayer Odometer: 70,750 kms Expecting 89,000 AED, while dealers are advertising similar car with low kms for 110K and no private seller was selling similar car with low kms at the time of advertising. Carswitch was very effective in pre-sales follow up and called me 3 times to remind and agree on time, to list the car. Finally Carswitch listed my car on 20th Aug 2019 for 89,000 Dhs, but with a with a wrong title. Sent a mail to correct the title but no one replied till 8 days. (yeah, lost 8 days). Copy to various other email as well and title got changed, but now with another mistake. After couple of more emails, finally correct title has been displayed with little restriction. WRONG TITLE CORRECT TITLE AFTER 8 DAYS Here are my reasons for calling Carswitch.com totally disappointing for car sellers: FIRST If they are car experts, then how can they mess up between names/editions that come with a price difference of 100K when new? Range Rover Sport Range Rover HSE Range Rover Vogue Range Rover Vogue Supercharged Range Rover Autobiography SECOND After listing the car and accepting the money, they didn't answer the email for 8 days, very bad customer service. THIRD As soon as they listed the car with agreed amount of 89,000 I started getting the recommended price sms, emails and backend notifications to reduce the price to 74,000 as that's the right market price - I am not sure either they were quoting me for wrong Range Rover or they love to brainwash people, so I'd reduce fast and they'd make a sale to get their commission. Asking seller to reduce 15,000 (17%) from the asking price within 1 day of listing is quite a hit for any car seller, who invested time and money so they can competently fetch the right buyers at fair market price. Totally Disappointing. FOURTH On the day I listed my car with Carswitch, the back-end was showing instant cash offer of 65,000 dhs. After two weeks I reduced to 85,000 to be in line with other used car sites then backend started showing me 56,000 dhs. So that means their instant cash offer is automatically synced with whatever you ask. They will slash 24-29K of your listing price without using any common sense or logic of car depreciation. So this is basically Sellanycar, Sellcargetcash cloned site but in disguise. Totally Disappointing. FIFTH All Google and network adverts they were running were using a wrong title (Vogue instead of Vogue Supercharged) and/or displaying my car with wrong league of competition. Wasting their own money with lack of intelligence or car details. Why would anyone click on a 85K car if a 67K is there but it's a Sport instead of a Vogue Supercharged ? Totally different animal and year. Good idea of fetching customers through Google ads, but applied ineffectively. SIXTH If they are charging 2600dhs commission to run Google ads, then we can also do this by ourselves and get buyers, and only show one car to increase the chances than 3 in a carousel. Probably we will get good potential buyers in 1000dhs ad-spend if you know how to target Facebook and Google advertising with YouTube tutorial in less than an hour and keep on tweaking ad daily. Again its advertised with wrong title in many places. Being a Vogue, it's overpriced. Being a Vogue Supercharged, very well priced. SEVENTH Few places ads were running without a title even, and when anyone click on the page it goes nowhere. Clicking on above Vuukle advert by Carswitch lead to site can't be reached. https://cat.fr.eu.criteo.com/delivery/ckn.php?cppv=3&cpp=Hb00-FNR-lyMj7QkOlhUWeKm-bSOEXqmAsR349XGq3r5WNdKp6qPMf96mxNmF49hFY_s5gkPMyJc5p5fCfLL3bvnaBj8NpxTV_b8otnwrZ1syUy0K3hNlP77qyb5hI4vzDusBBygYaTmwawLm7JGvkeP6UV0fFVqvb8Pi9nDJMHhXTqdqkQGVOa_c6RW5qtmtuUhZec7O-GLzGJJIoR5bLqZszmaYnLnlqXsefwwqH0Nf4BbnnUMscBsd-CQABiw8pysoxO_NMyUvuHg-YDGduhdRylY-1BKq7qEaNsk-IfvXo6LyPWQcjYr5WABGJHtzmeaJR7-JeXvQjuiBQcG2SKYUYT4tcyTPjCsoP6MreX4Uh1dauI4y3OshBz6SjmhjQEa3g&maxdest=https%3A%2F%2Fcarswitch.com%2Fdubai%2Fused-car%2FRange-Rover%2FVogue%2F2012%2F145739-149420%3Futm_source%3Dcriteo%26utm_medium%3Dretargeting%26utm_campaign%3Dlowerfunnel EIGHTH After all this ad-spend and showing in their website they fetched 273 views in 1 month, zero calls and zero viewing. I placed same advert in Carnity that has fetched 579 views and 5 calls and 2 viewing from original buyer. I also placed an ad with Dubizzle, Dubicar, Yzer, Yallamotors etc. NINTH: Their website has no relevant sub category as Vogue, let alone Supercharged, so your ad will always show with low cost, not rightly competing cars when searching with top level car name. So if you have a special type of car or spec, you will lose out even more. TENTH: Their website interface doesn't allow owners to edit much of the details and you are at the mercy of back-end operators who don't answer emails and cause delays in selling your car. That's how it took me 8 days to change to correct title to: Range Rover Vogue Supercharged. Hope this review helps you to save some money and time in false expectations of fetching you the best value - false advertising, when from day 1 till day 25 they were pestering me to reduce price several times and brainwashing me by showing low price cars. If you don't know the real value of your car, spec, age and km, you might fall in this trap and sell it for low. Finally I sold my "Range Rover Vogue Supercharged for 83,000 AED on 18 Sep 2019. I had two close offers, one was 82K with a bank loan from Carnity advert and 83K cash buyer from Dubizzle.
  13. They have both lhd and rhd cars there on roads but rhd is the majority lhds are few in-between and are mostly their import cars...
  14. I abuse Chinese tires on my work car which is mostly driven in the beaten paths of industrial area's so after almost 4th year they become prone to punctures and as far as sound is concerned I don't car as long as it rolls
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