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  2. Thanks @Rahimdad bhai. I had the exact picture in mind as you described...it's very similar to when we learned those brush strokes in art class...smoother and relaxed the approach better is the outcome... Have been trying to put it in action over last couple of drives, has affected my pace a bit but then that's something can always get better with more drives ... @Frederic tips on side slope and criss crossing are surely something i revisit before and after each drive...just to remind my brain of the basics and assess what I missed out on at particular instant... Really like the way you emphasized on fact - it's not about trying hard but enjoying it and feeling the smooth sail.. Holding a brush hard does not produce much of an art...😀 For me the struggle hasn't been about stucks or major refusals..just the inner drive to do it with better finesse and grace.. On one of the drives saw a team of UAE adventure club, three Jeeps of same colors criss crossing through dunes in flawless sync...even the distance between them didn't change through the drive....that's the goal...was a beautiful well choreographed performance .😀 Same as we see it with our leads at Carnity ..
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  4. @Nafiz and @jeetu sharma, I've added both of you to the waitlist. @Nafiz do you already have a drive or this will be your only drive for this weekend?
  5. Congratulations @Junaid120120. Hope you find joy that this level brings, welcome to the Intermediate level. Congratulations @Junaid120120. Hope you find joy that this level brings, welcome to the Intermediate level.
  6. Congratulations @soumyasaklani. It was a pleasure having you on my Fossil Rock drive. Watching you drive one thing was evident. You never give up, that's an excellent quality. Paired with being able to self recover, the most satisfying thing in off-roading. Hope you continue to enjoy learning and polishing your skills at this new level.
  7. @varunmehndiratta no need to try hard. Let it come to you, relax and let the lessons learned be a part of you rather than trying hard. Desert driving is an art, you cannot paint anything any better if you try too hard. It should become a part of your DNA and should come to you naturally. Don't just think about following the car in front of you, replicate the one which you feel is smoothest ahead of you. See closely the line they followed, the angle they attacked, the height, the speed. Criss crossing a dune is the hardest thing if you don't get it right. If you're not travelling at the angle you're supposed to, or at the speed, or at the height. I have seen most people try to stay on top of the dune and than turn sharply to the other side. That is not the way. It has to be smooth manoeuvre. Each dunes is different, but if you're struggling to stay on top, it will be a struggle to get such a manoeuvre right. Even though you survive through a couple of such scenarios, if you're not getting it right, at some point you'll face the unwanted result. If unsure, ask a senior to show you again the line to be taken and then try it out. Practice will make you perfect and all of this will come to you as second nature. Remember when you first stepped in sand, many things were hard and you had to remind yourself of the brief and what to do in that situation. Many of these things come to you naturally now. The many exercises we have put you through are the steps to take you to the next level. Don't be impatient for the next level, enjoy the ride, feel your car. Let yourself and your car be one. If you've managed to get through Reading this so far, you may now refer to @Frederic post on criss-crossing, where he's explained this with help of diagram to do some home work before your next drive.
  8. In a way both @Ahmad Shaker and @[email protected] are correct. Try to understand momentum and gravity both have a role to play. The momentum on the vehicle is in the forward direction. Travelling high on a dune is always recommended as a bit lower might be a bit fun due to the softer sand, but dangerous nevertheless. Now your car is at 40 KPH in forward direction and due to gravity and soft sand your car fishtails. Your only option is to countersteer and point your front tires down. If you try to keep straight tires also sand is accumulating on your tires side walls which brings that momentum at the bottom to a halt, but the inertia on the top of your car continues as nothing on top of the car to stop it from going at that 40KPH you were at. This results in flips or roll overs. Never fight gravity. Always keep control of accelerator and steering at all times.
  9. Hi @Hardik Mody, you are #1 on the waitlist. @Miamimoe, you would be #2 on the waitlist.
  10. Great post @Frederic, I did face the transmission over heating issue on my very first newbie drive last week, this happened when I was stuck in a bad dune for about 20/30 mins below is the detail of my car 3.8 L, 2014 LWB kms done -70k transmission oil change- Not sure as I bought this car from someone else drive in - D mode tyre pressure - 15 psi i went to a garage last week for skid plates and they told me over heating tranmission is common problem with Pajeros post 2012 models, they told me a external fan would fix the problem, they are quoting me 800 Aed for this fix? what do you advice?
  11. Luna, desert husky in patrolling mode.

    © 2021 Mario Cornejo

  12. @Tbone - what a great drive it was and thank you for pushing us to go at a faster pace, I learnt lots from this drive alone. In spite of the two pop-outs, we covered a good distance and had time to play in the bowls. If you recorded the track kindly share it please . @Rob Harper, @Thomas Varghese, and @Anvar Sadath Bekal - enjoyed meeting and driving with you all. See you around in the sand. All the best!
  13. Hi @Wrangeld, reposting my question here, not sure where I posted it 🙂, the level description states it is for fewbie plus, though it is listed as a Newbie, which is the typo just need to make sure I am in the right drive.
  14. @Luca Palanca Falsini - thank you it was a good drive indeed. You led us to complete the drive right on time after covering a very good distance of almost 60 Km with all sorts of challenges and variety of terrain. Thanks to @Hennie Schoeman, @Jeepie and @AlexPol for your support. Have a great week ahead.
  15. This is nothing. You already mastered the art of driving on tarmac. Was it easy? Anyways you decided to sacrifice your precious machine on the altar of sands. So why fear? Let go off the fear and you will master the desert.
  16. Roger K

    Roger K

  17. Thank you @Chaitanya for the kind comments and disciplined and patient approach for our drive last Friday. Learned a lot!
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