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  2. @Looper @Ahmad Nerat @Sunil Mathew @Senthil Kumar @Cha and @Pacific Thank you all for joining this lovely afternoon drive I hope you enjoyed it all . @Cha almost a year since we drove together what a nice catch up and to see your agile new ride. Although the area was crowded somehow but we could find a way to loop and sneak in between . It was quick one like how day drives are supposed to be . Till we meet next week I wish you all pleasant weekend . Take care . some pictures are in Gallery and below a relive as I always keep a track memory .
  3. Congrats @Mohammad Sayawoush Azad enjoy Fewbie level and the new challenges!
  4. Congratulations @Mohammad Sayawoush Azad on your promotion to Fewbie level. See you on both the weekend drives.
  5. No issues hopefully next time @Beide Worku. Safe trip back @Bjoern you are only in wait-list. Joining?
  6. Thank you very much. Looking forward to having many many more off road drives .
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