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  2. Congratulations @Gaurav Soni, well done buddy, keep rocking.
  3. Hi @Mohammad Al Sabbagh, the history shows you already had one drive before.. the Absolute Newbie is for first drive with Carnity. May be it’s better that you join one of the other Newbie drives
  4. Thanks for your response. I will return/exchange the one I bought.
  5. Dear Desrtnauts, after a few unfortunate drop-outs, the new convoy order will be: @Thomas Varghese Second Lead @Fabien Monleau will be #3 @Sunil Mathew at #4 @Pacific at #5 @Christian Andras in Sweep. Given the size of the convoy, we can plan to switch some positions throughout the drive, to give as man members as possible the opportunity to interact with different tasks. I will also alter the route slightly, in the attempt to cover more ground, with a short and motivated convoy. See you later.
  6. Hi Ale @Ale Vallecchi Just reached back Dubai yesterday and not feeling well, so I will have to drop out as well. hope to see you on the next one soon.
  7. @Thomas Varghese Good morning. Not sure what size and weight is your tool. If something similar to phones and tablets, you can check on line stores, which I’ve done. I could not make my self, since there are accessories made of plastic and rubber which difficult for me to make. If looking for only metal work you are welcome to visit and figure out.
  8. Last week
  9. @ZedI thought your were an IT MAN but how the differential works I guess we will change the meaning of IT from now on IT ( instant mechanic ) 😁😅…… but great effort to explain things in very simple way ….. thanks to @Gaurav who clarified more and Infact we should request @Gauravto introduce 101 theoretical classes for beginners which will clear their doubts and surely @Zedcan do that best 😇
  10. In my case, after pushing my car 2 hours in the desert i will loose the capability to drive up long dunes . I have an obd monitor installed that allowes me to monitor the temp and other information recieved from the car ecu like The MAF and AfR , transmission temp and coolent temp. And what i noticed is that all the readings are not changing much during power loss episodes except the coolent temp increases from 77 to (between 95 to 108 °c i lose power) for the gauge in the dashboard this temp is still normal. I think you should use a Bluetooth obd and monitor the temp live. if you are facing this issue when temp is high then you will know where to look for a solution. Thanks,
  11. After my Xterra was giving me problems after problems regarding check engine light I bought a professional Autel Scan tool. The Autel Maxicheck (Cost 1800 AED). Eliminated most of the problems by using the scan tool in live mode and observing the sensor values. Now the engine purrs like a cat. I was surprised to find out a new sensor which I didn't even know could stall an engine and affect its performance existed. The Power steering pressure sensor at the pump. The car can stall while idling because the sensor went bad and cannot tell the ECU to increase the RPM when you turn your steering at very slow speeds. OMG you have no idea how busy I got after acquiring this new toy. I need the help of @Hisham Masaad to help me acquire a bracket to permanently fix the scan tool to the dashboard like he has fixed his tab for the GPS.
  12. Dear @Thomas Varghese old produced Vehicles are like brand new when it’s timely maintained according to schedule or even ahead which is recommended to all who practice our highly demanding hobby on weekly bases . Even in 16000km new one this can happen when you pay a weekly visit to desert . Agree with you for the on road unluckily. It was just a possibility one out of many 😄
  13. Dr @M.Seidam the crack is unlikely as its a very new car. Its run only 16000km not like our Xterras which was produced a long time ago.
  14. Also check for any hidden cracks in the rubber boot connector to the intake manifold . Check if it’s squeezable or not I mean if feels hard occult crack can be there which even after cleaning still will bring dust and sand in causing same symptom. ( personal experience)
  15. After speaking to @Ranjan Das and analyzing the symptoms I believe its due the the MAF sensor becoming dirty. He self services his air filter and probably one of the times didn't close the air box properly seated and maybe the MAF sensor got dirty. The symptom he described was when climbing uphill straight and when he floors the accelerator the engine RPM cuts down from 4500 and he loses power. MAF sensor tells the ECM how much air is being pulled into the intake manifold at what temperature and ECM sends the signal to the injectors to spray the fuel as per the data input from the MAF sensor. If the data is incorrect because the sensor is dirty the ECM cannot instruct the injectors to speed up the spray and its duration which results in loss of power. As per him, his garage said it maybe because of abnormal rise in engine coolant temperature while doing extreme climbing but he said there is not much difference showing in the temp gauge. Also if the engine temperature shoots up like his garage said it will take some time for the fans & the radiator to cool it down to operating temperature. Anyways I told him to clean the MAF sensor and observe the result in this drive. Let us wait and see.
  16. @Ranjan Daslet me know what they say. Very curious and can happen to any jeeper.
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