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  2. Today i had a popup while driving - so my kind suggestion will be a tyre tool(tool used to put back tyre back to rim) as we deflated and inflated it 4 times to put back to rim and somehow survived. It will be good if anyone in the convoy have it. 😉
  3. @luwaimn sorry this is for Fewbie driver level and above. If I'm not mistaken you've completed only one newbie drive. Please do share with us if you have previous experience so that we might consider your joining this drive. @Brette very good question also. Anyone who has done at least a couple of Fewbie drives and has confidence to take it to the next level may join this drive. However these are fast paced drives and minimum stoppage time for recoveries is highly appreciated.
  4. Barry

    Mechanic wanted

    Position has been filled. Thank you. Always open to hiring qualified and dedicated people in the automotive trade so feel free to send CVs any time.
  5. If you want to share a ride with friends it’s ok. Once money comes into it, it becomes illegal.
  6. ofcorse parking and salik fine is not from dubai police, it's the speeding and road vilation is covered under dubai police fines
  7. I think BMW road must be having more than 500 car spare part shops and workshop in that area includng those in gullies inside. Any clue wht is the new name of this road now?
  8. Thanks Barry for the quick reply, we are considering both ways where one day each one of us takes the car and no one pays to anyone. second way where they all use my car being spacious and comfy and share the fuel and service cost. do you know for first way do we need to take some legal permission or permit for car pooling?
  9. Very nice review adn video of Audi Q8 and good way to earn points quickly. I like the second video more than first one
  10. I’ve noticed nobody said they have a set of axle stands? Jacking a car up is cool but when it falls on you it isn’t so cool
  11. And people continue to mock my interest in pre 2000 cars. Sure, the cars I like a crap but at least they’re interesting.
  12. If you’re giving a ride to friends, it’s fine. If you take money, it’s illegal. Hit up Facebook, search for carlift. Without meaning to be racists, Filipinos seem to be the main illegal taxi operators operating under the car lift term.
  13. What is it the kids say now? Hashtag triggered?
  14. From what I’ve read a while back, there is a huge pressure on car makers to make their cars as streamlined and aerodynamic as possible to achieve their emission and efficiency numbers. The front of the cars look very similar now as a result of the focus on pedestrian safety and NCAP scores. The big door pillars protect against rollovers, and on top of that many of the designers moved from the big German car makes to the Koreans or even the Chinese brands. So yes I think these factors cause the cars to look very similar nowadays.
  15. WTH is that Lumpy thing? Oh my bad its a Renault P.S : Are those holes in the widebody flares or lights. Can't make out in the pic
  16. What is the final take on carpooling in UAE? Sometimes I read that it's not allowed, and other friend says if you register with RTA then you can do car pool in Dubai safely. Any clue on how does carpooling abudhabi takes? I have a month-long project in Abu Dhabi and I plan to share my car with two other friends from Dubai to Abu dhabhi going to the same office every day.
  17. Renault still make some cool cars. Its old age and nostalgia. What we had when we were kids was always better but in reality, cars are faster now than they have ever been. Having a car with 100 bhp used to be something special. Now you can go out and buy a 250 bhp standard car with no mods.
  18. Barry

    The movie club

    I like motley crue. Never been a huge fan but I like them. The Dirt was just released on Netflix yesterday. One of the most entertaining things I’ve seen in a long time. Way more fun than Bohemian Rhapsody but I know it won’t get the same publicity. If you get a chance, watch it. Since watching, I’ve downloaded all their albums and I’m tripping on them. Good band. Just got whitewashed because of the whole hair metal thing. Fun fact. Metallica were originally meant to be signed to elektra records. They decided to sign motley crue instead. Ok deal but someone missed out there.
  19. How come creativity is limited due to regulation, I seriously want to understand
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