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  2. Thank you @Gaurav, I had been eagerly waiting to level up. Also, I would like to thank everyone for their wishes. @Frederic, I hope the promotion doesn't have anything to do with my change in vehicle 😂.
  3. Ok, thanks. So no point buying recovery hook (see picture). Anyway, looking forward to meeting all on Friday and getting some more answers Anyway, I bought a proper 14 tonnes kinetic recovery rope and 2 soft shackles, so I hope to make it. /Chris
  4. h1fny


  5. Thanks @Christian Andras. Tow ball should never be used for vehicle recovery, as it can come off and become a deadly projectile. We can use your rear tow hook to recover you, so no worries. Skid plate is useful from Fewbie level onwards. See you on Friday !
  6. Dear fellow Desert Wanderers, Friday's group is virtually completed (one more spot remaining, for the last Fewbie PLUS to join). So far it will be made of @Rinelle Sanaani, @Febin Frederic, @asifk, @Kalahari,@Colin Jordan, @Najeeb Mohammed, @Chaitanya D, @Desert Dweller and @Jolly Abraham. Looks like it's a solid group, including 3 Intermediate members. As mentioned, the drive will be taking place in what I expect to be, for most drivers, a lesser known part of Dubai. Al Lisaili includes some technical dunes, which will require great finesse and care (especially to avoid hard nose butts), and mostly long range dunes, which will provide plenty of opportunities for some sideys, as well as ridge riding and criss-crossing. Because of this abundance of diverse situation, I would like to make a few recommendations. MENTAL READINESS AND CONCENTRATION - to make sure that all our energies and focus go to the characteristics of the terrain, our driving skills, and the security of the convoy, please be ready to concentrate yourselves on the drive alone. Kindly try to reduce all possible distractions, including bringing along too many passengers (certainly 3 passengers on board, event though allowed by the Covid rules, may be a source of distraction). If you bring along somebody, please explain that it will not be possible to converse while driving, or distract the driver from her/his duties. This recommendation aims to reduce the potential for refusals, stucks, and any other type of incident that a new type of terrain may cause to distracted drivers. AVAILABILITY OF PROPER EQUIPMENT - being at Fewbie Plus and above level means to have fully understood the need to carry the proper equipment in the car. This MUST include to say the least 1) a good shovel, 2) a kinetic tow rope (preferably with soft shackles), and a 3) compressor. Proper equipment also incudes a very important car accessory: tested, robust, tow hooks in good conditions. I will take care to verify the availability of all of the above equipment for all attendees, and will be forced to refuse participation for those who do not carry these essential items. COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS - there are two elements to our ability to communicate in the desert. The technical aspect demands that 1) your radios are fully charged, 2) that each driver always identifies her/himself when speaking, so to allow the convoy to react speedily to any predicament, and 3) that all respond when questions or instructions are directed at them, in order to acknowledge that all is clear and understood. The psychological aspect has to do with the willingness to communicate. Please, do not be afraid or ashamed to inform the convoy leader that one may not feel like making some maneuver, taking a seemingly risky approach, or doing anything beyond one's perceived skills, or physical conditions. When no communication of this kind takes place, the leader and the rest of the convoy will assume that all is well, and will not be able to address any concern of second-thoughts a driver may have. I have chosen to underline the above 3 issues as there have been recent events during other Fewbie drives, due to a combination of these 3 factors, which have created a great deal of complications to the convoys, unnecessary risks, and in one case damage to another driver's cars (any reference to weak tow points is not casual). Kindly acknowledge the above information, so that we may look forward to a challenging, yet pleasant drive. See you all Friday (convoy order and radio channel will be published on Thursday evening).
  7. Dear Frederic, It’s a 2017 FJ Cruiser, no modifications other than really good off-road tires. The car has original tow hooks back and front, but also a tow hitch, however I only have the “ball” adapter, I don’t know if I should use the hitch or the original hook if I have to pull somebody out. In that case I should buy a proper adapter for the hitch. I also plan to add a 10 mm aluminum skid plate in front instead of the original one, but I won’t make it this week, I hope though I don’t need this for a Newbe tour...:-) I have never driven in the desert with proper car, however I participated in a 6days race in Marocco desert with a 30-y old Fiat Panda 2x4...So I definitely see myself as newbe...
  8. Hi @MlHazim welcome to carnity off-road club. Don't forget to RSVP the drive you wish to join, as they get filled very fast.
  9. first drive with you folks should be the coming Friday or maximum the one after it. very excited to join and very happy to see you are following strict rules for a safe drive. looking forward to seeing you all!
  10. Hi @Christian Andras welcome to Carnity Off-road Club ! Please share with us the following info: - Which 4x4 are you driving ? - Any prior off-road experience? - Is the vehicle equipped with tow hooks on the front and back and are they in perfect condition? About the radio it is not mandatory for your first drive as we can give you a spare one, only from second drive onwards you’ll need to obtain your own radio. Please also confirm that you’ve seen the briefing video, and will comply with the Covid precautions by clicking the “totally agree” emoji in that post. Do not hesitate to post your questions here, we will help you out. Hi @Magellan Please note that this drive is reserved for Absolute newbies only. As you’ve been driving with us before please book into one of the available newbie drives. Thanks !
  11. Hi Frederic, I am new to everything. To the site, as member, to desert driving. I want to join this Friday’s drive, I’d bring a friend along. Just want to make sure I have joined the drive ”properly”. Of the equipment I think I’ve got the essentials, but not the radios... Please let me know if I need to do anything more at this point. Looking very much forward to this!! /Christian
  12. The body weight is much lighter than a FJ, and with the SWB it does much better on the sand. Plus the all round visibility of a Prado is far better than a FJ
  13. I dont understand the logic. They are asking 45.000-50.000AED for 2005-2009 cars. It is same value as 2012 FJ Cruiser and 2014 Xterrra Off Road. How better it can be over these cars.
  14. The SWB Prado V6 is worth the money even if it's an old car. Very rare to find though as most SWB Prado come with the 2.7 litre engine
  15. Yes that is true and for good reason, when they do come up for sale, they get snatched up in a blink of an eye. So one really has to be on the lookout with cash in his pocket
  16. You don’t need to open an engine to diagnose a gasket problem. This is what sniff testers, leak down testers, pressure testers etc are for. Mechanic is either making guesses and doesn’t know what he’s doing, or he wants to open it then it’s too late and you’re already stung for labour charges. The only time you should open an engine is to repair it, not to make a diagnosis.
  17. Prado is indeed a good choice but too expensive for such old car.
  18. That car is a fantastic bullet. But good luck trying to find one. 2 years back when i just entered the club, one of my colleagues left Dubai and went back to his home country and sold his Prado SWB VX in IMMACULATE condition. He hardly drove it and it was always parked in a basement. I remember he kept telling me that locals on SZ road were honking at him and asking if it was for sale, but he never understood why that car was so attractive. Anyways, he sold it one day, and i only realized months later how capable that car was...
  19. I'm surprised this car doesn't get mentioned at all here is the Prado SWB VXR V6. It's the same drivetrain as the Prado lwb and Fjcruiser but in a lighter package And with slight suspension mods it's a real killer
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