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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021

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  2. Hi @Chaitanya D, I just wanted to ask for your advise, this would be my 8th drive in desert, and first proper at night, depending on the track and difficulty of drive, is it safe to come with my wife. Thanks ijaz
  3. Offroad Flag Guidelines - Discussions - Carnity.com @Mark Dolman You may find the info in this thread
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  5. Hi team. I need to get a flag for my Newbie drive. What’s the normal spec in terms of length and flag size please? Any recommendations where I can get a flag mount for my F150? Cheers.
  6. @hasan hamadeh you are next, do you confirm to be added to the drive?
  7. Sorry @Chaitanya D somthing came up and i have to drop, please give my post to the next inline.
  8. Love the idea, it looks super fun and well thought of. I am pulling my hair but I will be on a plane as this happens, I wish I could join. you all have a lot of fun and May this be a repeating event of our carnity tradition
  9. Yes, mine was in PDF didn't work. Took photos on mobile, it worked
  10. Don’t give away strategies here.. it’s a competition @Zed
  11. “The team to cover all required waypoints and finish first in a minimum amount of time will have the honor to lift the Trophy” Time to download the military-grade high-res maps and run shortest-distance algorithms on them for this challenge 😅
  12. It depends on which weapon you will place on Marshal car hood to talk.
  13. I read “circling the waypoints”, “don’t tamper the GPS with FakeGPS simulator” and my mind triggered GPS Challenge too early 😄 but here’s one question: Up by crossing the crest may be a faster way but if some cars are stuck that’s lost time. While meandering through the flat valleys might be longer but if pace is kept it could be a faster route. So the Marshal decides or a team can give suggestions here? ☺️
  14. Hi @Claire Adshead welcome to Carnity off-road club. Please RSVP below calendar, as it's having 3 spaces left.
  15. Great idea - Orienteering around the desert what a perfect way to send a Friday !!!
  16. The format is jpeg like my registration card same method used with same camera.
  17. Attach image only - like in jpg, gig or png, maybe PDF causing an issue (just thinking). So far no one else reported any error from 12 entries we have received.
  18. Check the format. It has to be in any of the indicated formats.
  19. Count me in. I will enjoy this day very much if selected
  20. Hello I'm Claire I will be attending this friday - here are my responses to the questions below: Do you have any off road experience? No - only a brief intro on half desert road Does your car have tow points front and back? yes What is your car? Jeep Wrangler 2021 Grey Why are you joining the Absolute Newbie? I am new to offroading and new the the wrangler (or any 4x4 in general) I want to learn how to use the car correctly and develop confidence and techniques to progress ability to move ahead
  21. Vishal Nair

    Vishal Nair

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