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  2. Sad to see you leaving the drive, hope to see you next time Anoop. What is the issue with your gearbox? I am very curious
  3. It's really a good start of fewbie + for me, and wonderful week breaker. Thank you so much @Ale Vallecchi for the drive. I haven't been this focused in a drive for a while already (Maybe because of the 2-3 hrs quality sleep on Thursday night 😎), as a great portion of the drive was challenging my limits. Got stuck twice, thanks to help from @Ashok chaturvedi @Lakshmi Narasimhan and @Chinthaka Ruwan and ofc the guidance from @Ale Vallecchi, I could get back on track. I should have considered more on my car's steering radius before taking the attempts really. I did pray to G
  4. Desert Highway 66: Lisaili to Faqa - Drive Report "Veni, vidi, vici" - Julius Cesar We came, We saw, We conquered. Indeed, we drove swiftly, accomplishing the goal of reaching Faqa through almost uncharted terrain, mainly enjoying the silence, with minimal "casualties" (i.e. refusals and stucks), especially in the first segment (Lisaili to Murqab). It was then necessary to find again the concentration and focus, lost probably due to a longer break than necessary, in order to face the second stretch of the drive. This presented a variety of terrains, requiring to drive skillfull
  5. Thanks @Russ .. hopefully we have another opportunity to drive together soon Dear @Sunil [email protected] thompson @Matt.T you are all confirmed and added to the drive.
  6. Thanks @Anoop Nair for letting me know.. all the best with the car and hopefully we will drive together soon
  7. Hello, I forgot to bring shoes with me and it’s too late for me to drive back to get them. @Arman will be my passenger. Is it okay if i let him do my (out of car) business while i stay in the car? πŸ₯Ί or else wear his shoes with 20 socks?
  8. @Kailas I will have to pull out from this one as my car is still at garage and they are working on the gear box (same issue I had when I was in your drive in al Qudra. Was expecting the car today but they advised now that it will be only ready next week due to the delayed ETA on some parts πŸ˜’. Hope to catch up with you soon.
  9. @Islam Soliman Unfortunately I have pull out form this as my car is still at the garage as are working on the gear box. I was expecting it back tomorrow and they just advised it will be ready only by next week πŸ™„. I will remove my name and hopefully will catch up with you soon. Thanks
  10. @GauravSoni and @munkybizness you both have been added to this night drive. Please confirm.
  11. Hey Ale, thanks for your post * you have any prior off-road experience - 2 times in half desert * your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks / eyelets - yes
  12. Hi Ferl, scroll up on the first post above, meeting point is shared under drive details.
  13. Hi Everyone, was an absolute pleasure, as always, driving with you guys again. Thanks to @Ale Vallecchi, didn't have to wait for the whole week to return to the desert; guess the mid-week drives may be more sought after since they not only bring a good break to the work week but also make it seem shorter. the drive was fascinating, requiring our complete focus. thanks Ale once again. Thanks are also due to @Lakshmi Narasimhan, @Craig Finlayson and @Russ for the support. Hope you see you during the weekend drives.
  14. My wife just broke up with me. She's sick and tired of my constant Zodiac puns. It Taurus apart. I'm in Pisces typing this.
  15. Hey Ale, thanks for your post. Please can you share the "meeting point" you have any prior off-road experience; - Ferlin Replies - None your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks / eyelets. - Ferlin Replies - Yes
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