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  2. Its all up to how parents bring up their kids. My 6 year old daughter wont sit in a car unless she is in her child seat and buckled up. Because since the day she was born she has never been allowed to sit in the car unbuckled. And as she grew up she just knee this is the right thing to do, never protested or cried etc etc Om a few occasions just going down a short distance on the inner roads to a grocery shop or something out of laziness I didn't buckle her up and she started raising hell that her seatbelt wasn't clicked in. But some people just don't get it. I've actually scolded a couple of good friends for not strapping in their children but there is always an excuse Oh but the he/she wont stop crying. Even scaring then that if god forbid something happens to them you will be charged with murder. As was the case when a father was charged with killing his unbuckled daughter who flew out of the window in an accident on palm island a few years ago
  3. I agree points system side effect is too bad. Anyways, thanks for the wishes.
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  5. The seatbelt law should be better enforced here. I always see the mother/father wearing the seatbelt in front. Then there’s 2,3,4 crotch goblins crawling across the rear seat sticking their heads out the window. Maybe even some stupid mother holding her child in the front seat up against the airbag explode area. You think because you’re wearing your seatbelt it’s fine? I hope you get fined 10,000 for each of your unbelted crotch goblins. You want to watch them fly through the windscreen in an accident? Ok cool. Don’t leave someone else to mop up their guts when you have an accident.
  6. In my 1991 model Mitsubishi Eclipse I had the below mechanism which I think is simple and should be used by all car companies.
  7. It was a great pleasure with the team and my heart full thanks to @Rahimdad @Gaurav @Asif Hussain For picking up late comers like me and big thanks to @Emmanuel for marshal is back before the actual plan trip and it was really spl for me as it’s my little ones first desert ride and he enjoyed Upton the limit thanks to the complete carnity family keep rocking 😀👌
  8. + Mercedes GTR + Patrol Super safari 3 doors + Delahaye 135 And if Gaurav you can get me a few more millions, obviously : 2 Bugatti Chiron (one for me and one for my 90 years old grandma)
  9. Happy birthday gaurav and I agree with Barry
  10. Time Left: 5 months and 26 days

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    Nissan Tiida 2007

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  13. Instaglory

    Peoguot 407 2008

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    Fully atomic 0558278547

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