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  3. Yeah, I try to be as reaslitic in my armchair piloting as I can while flying my 777-800ER ( in my flight sim of course ) Another thing I failed to mention is wake turbulence specially of the heavies so speration is critical. btw any good (free) source of latest airport charts with SIDS and STARS specially for OMDB and also a detailed tutorial of how to program the 777 FMC I think I've got the grasp of pretty much 80% of it. I can program the route, set performance, Vref speeds, Des forecast, takeoff performance etc etc but there are still many thing I don't understand and the manual that came with it isn't detailed enough.
  4. Been hearing and seeing about this for a couple of years now and yet it has failed to take off.
  5. Hi I Have lexux LX470 Yes tow points are looks good No I don't have any previous experience.
  6. @Michael sammy the location is ADNOC Service station AL QALA-2 - Maliha Rd - Dubai 800 300 https://maps.app.goo.gl/EU5WKHgLafNQLYHi9
  7. I like the looks too, looks like a muscle car gone off-roading. Totally agree with @Wrangeld though.
  8. @Anish S welcome to Carnity. Looking forward to meeting with you on the drive.
  9. https://goo.gl/maps/ye28yTnTSYr Is this our meeting point ? Thx
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  11. Hello Everyone, Hope you all are well. I'm writing to just let you'll know that tomorrow I won't be able to join the tribe as I have got some urgent work to do. Will surely join next week Enjoy you the ride folks!! Regards, LuCky sAm
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