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  2. Such a beautiful legend.
  3. LOL by what that thing! If I saw it on the road I would honestly think, it was an satwa special widebody kit on its way to a garage to get its tails lights installed.
  4. Have a look at both as most have the temps written on them.
  5. Q3,,5,7 and now 8 all look the same. Just like the X3,5 and now 8 do too. I wish manufacturer would stop trying to make all their cars alike. Seems like nowadays everyone has caught this bug. Curses on Porsche for starting this shitty trend.
  6. Thats pretty crappy of Mitsu not to offer Isofix points even in a 2010 by which time it was pretty much standard everywhere. My old ass 2003 has Isofix points.
  7. Nissan have totally lost the plot. Mrs just got handed keys to a new Nissan N17 aka Sunny from the company. OMG what a horrible car it is! Can't see anyone spending their own hard earned money to buy that POS. Only rental and company fleets.
  8. The Chinese can be very diplomatically vengeful, expect JLR sales to drop in China. Or for some made up reason JLR being blocked from selling cars in China. Canada recently arrested one of their major Phone Company CEOs at USA's direction and now China is going all out against Canada. Its already arrested a few Canadians in China, Stopped buying their canola etc etc.
  9. Hi Desert Dude, Thanks for the reply. For option 1. There are some golf of 1.6 ltr which comes with paddle shifters and sunroof If 2&3 not there , then at least Optima or Forte/Cerato Hatchback. and 4- Chevy Cruze-Hatchback only 5-Passat-(with sunroof - from 2013 model)
  10. 1 - Out of your budget at such low kms 2 & 3 - Probably all junked due to their shitty CVT transmissions now So only real realistic options left are the Korean boys
  11. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smart-dash-cam/id1019175347?mt=8
  12. LOL seriously, come on man! As if they did get enough shout outs and mentions in mainstream songs that Lambo would sponsor some unknown Desi artists!
  13. @Frederic I just downloaded the Dashcam app and will test it next time. Thanks !
  14. That's a nice app 👌 records by itself... I have an old phone, I just need to get a good mount that doesn't shake hehe otherwise people will might vomit from the fist min hehe
  15. Thanks man... this dune was a nice challenge
  16. I just use an old iphone SE with an app called "dashcam" it starts recording automatically when you drive and makes clips of 3 minutes each.
  17. Yes, true... I need to get that setup in my car... Good stuff man 👍
  18. @Srikumar lost some serious weight while taking this picture
  19. Actually the dashcam was recording the whole afternoon but i had to compress it all in a short film
  20. Oh man, I thought there is more footage of me
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