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    • I look after a 69 Mach 1. Here’s a review on it, Something to remember is that even if it has been restored, it’s still 50 years old and it will break down more than a modern car so you need to be good with the spanners or have a tamed mechanic.  If that doesn’t bother you, I’d say go for it. A nice classic will turn heads. Here you see Ferrari’s and Lamborghinis every day and they barely get a second glance but when you roll by in an old mustang, everyone notices.  This particular one is for sale. If you’re interested send me a message and I’ll give you the details on it. 
    • Hi Everyone,  I would like to hear anyones feedback about owning a classic Mustang - so 66-69 era.  How is the maintenance and running costs? Reliability? Driving and ownership experience? e.g. can AC deal with Dubai heat.  Also - anyone who has done any customization work on theirs - i have seen some with bigger wheels on the rear than the front which look super cool. Also, if you have had the interior trim swapped out - what did you get done? Who done it? How much did it cost?  Thanks and look forward to hearing your experiences.
    • Mustang is a true legend and icon from Ford. I always love and prefer Mustang over gayish camaro, but the challenger is good too
    • It is nice to know someone have the same taste  For me also same long ago i was hating fox bodies. For sometime i see how beautiful they are. It is almost impossible to find one here. 
    • Blob? The sierra was a blob but the fox body is classic 80s boxy style. Look at the ferraris and Lamborghinis from then, even the jap stuff like Silvia's etc, all sharp angular lines. A perfectly natural evolution for the time period. When you look at the other Fords from that time, mk2 Fiesta, mk3 escort, mk5 cortina, it fits right in as a range topper.  The fox body is the car the XR3 should have been. The Gartrac G3 was the only thing that came close.
    • I agree. Fox bodies don't even look like Mustangs. They look more like a failed attempt to pimp a Euro-blob.