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    • You should post it in the classifieds section for more exposure https://carnity.com/classifieds
    • I apologize if this is not the right topic for this, could moderators move it where it belongs? Ford Mustang V6 Premium, 2014 with 53800km 85500 AED First owner. GCC spec, bought new at Al Tayer motors in June of 2015. Warranty extended and active until June of 2020. Car is under bank finance and in perfect condition. Full service history available, no accidents and no any problems/issues with the vehicle. Always parked in covered parking.
    • Need to check the steering angle sensor and wheel speed sensors and associated wiring as these could cause that particular combination of lights to come on. There’s also a possibility of faulty dash clocks or wiring to the dash clocks, or a loose connection somewhere in the ignition loom. ECU is unlikely to be faulty and it’s an expensive part to throw at it without a proper diagnosis. Find a better garage. 
    • There are so many General service workshop listed from Dubai in Carnity Business listing section. They all provide special pricing and honest service for Carnity members, select any which is close to your area like in Rashidiya, Al Quoz, Aweer, Deira etc. and get the OBD Scan to get the codes (max 100 dhs). And come back and let us know the exact codes so that experts can advise you the next course of action. I seriously think your known garage is not well equipped to advise you in the right direction, as ECU failure is one in 10,000 and more often some of the sensor, wiring or connector fails that throw some error so that you can debug in the right direction. And due to this sensor or connector failure, all light comes up at the same time. https://carnity.com/business_listing/car-services/general-service-workshop/?advanced_search_submitted=1&csrfKey=88a330f554c7c70fb7391466ab9d93c7&content_field_30[1]=Dubai&sortby=primary_id_field&sortdirection=desc&record_type=all&time_frame=show_all  
    • See if you can contact @Barry through the forum here, and twist his arm to run a diagnostic for you. He has a professional-grade computer, and he know how to use it, so he might be your best bet. 
    • Thanks for advices. Doyou know a good garage to go specialize in Ford vehicles?