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      You can't compare a 2.0 liter quad charged NOS injected super tuned port and polished 4 pot producing a gazillion BHP  to even a old skool V8.producing a measly 190 hp. You misunderstood Carol Shelby's qoute which you yourself stated, There is no replacement for displacement/ V8s is not always about power, its about the smoothness, the way the power is delivered., the torque curve so on and so forth. Its a certain je ne sais quoi and unexplainable feel, Look at all the reviews of the current big Fords that run V6 ecoboosts instead of V8s. The 2019 Lincoln Navigator, brilliant car even a Cayenne or Range Rover killer but missing that unexplainable factor because its lacks a proper motor. The new Ford GT, same thing brilliant car but lackiing the V8 wow factor. Although I think ford have gone totally bonkers with their engine choices replacing most of their V8s and even offering the flagship muscle car, the Mustang in a 4 cyl ecoboost version.....blegh!!!!!

      Anyways on a serious note. Take your foot off the gas and slow down for a second, everybody here was just trying to stop you from doing something you would regret later and had the best intention at heart, you should have mentioned you are getting a cheap as chips V6 which you plan to run it until the wheels fall off. And if thats the case why even bother with questions as if its going to be your long term daily driver. 

      If its a cheap run it into the ground project fun car, just go for it. You got nothing to lose. 
    • I could not help but like this response...
    • You know, i appreciate that there is no replacement for displacement. Most of the time. But I asked a specific question at the start of the thread requesting information on the V6 model. A good friend was asking me to check one out for him so I was hoping for some information on it. Instead I got a load of imperialistic elitist North Korea bs that I didn't ask for. I didn't want a V6 v V8 argument and I made that clear from the start. I already know about it. If anyone really wants to get into that, I can list plenty of v6 and i6 engines that make more BHP than many V8s. The truth of the matter is there is a V6 Mustang going cheap. I mean proper cheap, like less than a Toyota Echo. And we were hoping to purchase a cheap donut machine. Resell price isn't an issue as it's so cheap already. Buy, drive, have fun, sell to scrapyard in Sharjah and lose minimal money. I wanted information on faults to look out for on this model. 
    • See there are different strokes for different folks. Everyone buy cars with different needs or intention and I respect every one of it as everyone is right in there own way. Barry, before buying my V8 mustang I drove a V6 too by mistake because the owner was not very clear. To be honest, launch difference is huge, but cruising or overall feel is almost the same. I understand that we only launch less than 5% of the time so why not look for rest of 95% of things. Which is also very sane argument that you can get very clean and very reasonable price V6 - almost half of V8 price and not abused AT ALL.  If you are not hung up on V8 launch, growl, and grunt at this point in time - then I would say go for V6, in all honesty, it's not as bad as it sounds. Just stick to GCC specs, as non-GCC specs are a nightmare in selling. 
    • I would agree with everyone here, if you are going to do something, do it right and not half ass it. I have no idea why you would want half a muscle car, but if you are thinking fuel costs, dunno why you even would in a place like this, but I can't think of any other reason to get one. 

      Let me tell you V6 are marginally less thirsty than the V8 and the trade off is just not worth it.

      And in general I think a V6 or I6 is engine is the worse to have, they don't have good city or highway mpg figures.

      If you want a city car, go for a 4 cyl sedan* or if you will be doing a lot of long stretches get a V8. A V6 or I6 is pretty much useless ofcourse its the only motor offered in a car you really want. 

      * A 4 cyl SUV is even worse than a 6 cyl one.
    • v6 is weak and when you riding it you will occasionally pass by some turd who will be reving for you to start a run...and hopefully if you have the v8 one you might not be far behind if not in the front of it...