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    • Barry
      Maybe I'm getting old but I like it. It's like the 911 - Panamera with an American twist. Of course the purists are going to hate it. I'd like to see it with a fully electric drivetrain just to really annoy people.  
    • Gaurav
      You forgot the Jeep Sedan circling on April fool day, it might become reality someday
    • desertdude
      What is the world coming to? Mustang SUVs and Land Rover sedans. Although even before I got a tiny bit excited over this I found out its going to be an electric vehicle, meh!  
    • Gaurav
      What do you guys think of this creative rendering of the proposed Ford Mustang SUV, sometimes in 2020? I personally liked it and if it comes close to this muscle looks, it will help prosper the legend name.
    • Gaurav
      Found these 10 shops selling used spare parts for Ford in the Carnity Business Listing, call them and check https://carnity.com/search?&q=ford&type=cms_records5&nodes=86&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy
    • Shaffi
      Hi, Please suggest me from where I can get a used transfer case motor for my ford explorer. I live in Sharjah.  Thanks,
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