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dent on the car

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Recently my Camry met with an accident. There is dent at the back door. No idea how much is it gonna cost to repair the dent. My car is 2006 model and the dent is not that big. I have never done the repair of dent on my own neither have I gone to a dealer for the same. Please help me knowing the cost of repairing a dent.

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Actually it completely depends on the type of dent. As you are mentioning that the dent is not that big, then I would suggest you to perform DIY. It’s easy and quick. You will need: hand gloves, hair dryer and dry ice or compressed air spray. Do as per the following steps:

  1. Take an aluminum foil and cover the dented area with that.
  2. Now, take a hair dryer. Don’t pressurize the area with too much hot air, so keep the hair dryer on the medium level and start drying the dented area (covered with foil).
  3. Do this for at least 10 min. when the car paint slowly starts melting.
  4. When the paint starts melting, it’s time for you to give the dented surface something cold.
  5.  Put the gloves on and either you can use dry ice or compressed air spray.
  6. If you are using dry ice, spread the ice on the dented surface softly.
  7. If you are using the compressed air spray, spray it in the upside down motion.
  8. Continue doing this for 5 to 10 min., when you will start realizing that the dent is coming out.
  9. Finally you can remove the aluminum foil, and check the difference on your own.

This method is really helpful when you are performing it on a small dent. If the dent is big, more pressure it required which is not possible by DIY and that’s why people give it to the workshop. This method is really common. The main criterion is to pressurize the surface by hot air and then cool air, which automatically force the dent to pop out. But don’t forget to wear gloves in your hands when you do this, because when using dry ice, it may damage the hand. To avoid that, gloves is the best alternative.

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