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wiper runs with the engine on all the time

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when i switch on my 2005 BLS the wiper starts with it and dose not stop till i switch off the car.

how can i stop this

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Sounds like wiper relay is freaking and its time to change that. Its easy and cheap fix.

Cadillac BLS Engine Compartment Relay Center is located next to the battery on the driver’s side of the engine. The following schematic will guide you understand your Cadillac Engine Compartment Relay/Fuse.


1. Secondary air injection

2. Fan control relay

3. Auxiliary water pump

4. Windshield wiper motor

5. A/C compressor relay

6. Fan control relay

7. Fan control relay

8. Fuse 50

9. Fan control relay

10. Engine controls power relay

15. Fuse 40 (A), Fuse 52(B)

17. Coolant fan test connector fan control

18. Fuse 42 (A). Fuse 49 (B)

19. Fan control relay

20. Fuel pump relay

29. Fuse 43

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