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Manual AC and Automatic climate control system

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Manual A/C, as the name suggests needs to be adjusted manually. When you need A/C in your car, you put it on and adjust the temperature as you need. If you feel cold, then you manually adjust the temperature again. The temperature switch basically is connected to the HVAC inside the air conditioner panel. So when you decrease the temperature, it opens up the window to provide cool air from the AC. When you increase the temperature, the widow closes decreasing the air from the evaporator.

Automatic control system is actually complicated. The temperature control system handles the heating and cooling temperature at the same time. Its bit complicated as well when it comes to understand the mechanism of the same. Basically the system detects the temperature inside the car and sends signals as if temperature needs to go up or low. This complete control system works upon your desired temperature you have chosen in your car.

These days, I heard that some cars have dual auto zone automatic temperature control system. It means you can adjust the temperature in your car in such a way that each air conditioning panel can offer air with different temperature. It means if you need cooling air on the drivers A/C panel, you can have that. AT the same time if you want different temperature setting on the passenger side, it allows you to do that as well. Really interesting. But since it provides so much of luxury, its bit expensive as well when it comes to maintain or service the temperature control system with dual zone system.

But don’t think that A/C works independent of the outside temperature. Even if it’s automatic, the outside temperature plays a very crucial role in the increase and decrease of the temperature. And talking about UAE, everybody knows how weather is here! Every car needs proper level of coolant in their cars.

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