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What to check for buying a used civic

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Hey people. Suggest me on what to check in the entire car if I am planning to buy used Honda Civic, which is 2009 model? Please give me a brief list of things I need to check.

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Well, if you are buying a use Honda, take care of following things:

  1. Test drive: Please do take test drive of the car. Don’t buy it, before inspecting it by test riving.
  2. Safety: There are certain things that you need to check in that car for your safety: Brakes, Tires, Steering, Headlights, taillights, Brake lights, turn signals, wipers,  horn, defrosters and airbag. These are all considered in safety zone of a car.
  3. Things related to engine: Engine light, other warning lights, dipstick, engine test drive, transmission test drive, oil level, transmission fluid level, brake fluid level, refrigerant, coolant level, belts and hoses and battery. These are engine components that you must check.
  4. Layout: The body parts of the car like car paint, bumpers, windshields, glass, doors, and trunk. These make the body of the car. So check for any damage in the body part as well.
  5. Interiors: Interiors like Air conditioning, power window, seats, door lock, audio system, interior lights are working or not.
  6. Paper work: Always check for the registration paper of the car. Car insurance, claim papers, license and registration copy, warranty coverage and most important claims. Claims papers help you to check if there was any accident in the car before. That’s really important to check because you can get any idea of how the car was maintained and driven before.
  7. VIN Number: Check the VIN number of the car and the title. If they do not match, it means there is a fraud I this. Don’t buy such cars. VIN number given by the title and mentioned in the car has to be same.

Also, if the seller is telling you that he did proper maintenance recently, ask for the proof. Sometimes people just to get rid of their cars claims don’t know what things. So it’s the duty of a buyer to collect all the possible proofs as he/she can.

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