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Complete Brake Job

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Hey guys. I want to do complete brake job on my car. But not really sure, what things are included in the same. Can someone tell me what things are included along with the procedure in the complete brake job?

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If you want to do complete brake job, follow the following things in order:

  1. First you need to do is brake inspection. You can start with ABS warning light. Turn the ignition, and heck if there is ABS light on the dash. If no, you are good to go, but if yes, then to need to inspect the complete brake system and anti-brake system as well.  
  2. Brake pedal: Now sit I the car and press the brake pedal. Try to feel the pdeal and how it goes. Do you think it’s normal or is it soft? If it is soft, then it means there is some air in the lines or maybe there is some kind of leak.
  3. Parking brakes: Now go for parking brakes. Apply that. Is it perfectly normal or do you feel mis adjustment in pulling the handle. Also check for the brake light on the dash as well.
  4. Brake Fluid: Now inspect the brake fluid level in the car by opening the hood. Also check if the fluid is transparent or do you see any impurity in the fluid. If there is any impurity, you need to change the fluid. If the level is low, put more fluid in the hood.
  5. Brake pads: Now, go to the brake pads. First of all, check the thickness of the brake pads. If you think it’s wearing out or if you noticed any squealing noise in the brake pads, it means its time to replace it.
  6. Rotors: After changing the brake pads, check the rotors. If you notice any deep grooving or scratches in the rotors, it means the rotors need resurfacing.
  7. Brake hardware: When you are replacing brake pads/ brake drums, have a quick look on the brake hardware as well which includes return springs.


After doing this, check for leaks as well; if there is any leak in the brake lining. At last, all you need to do is bleeding brakes. That helps in removing any kind of contamination in the brake lining. And this is how to do the complete brake job.

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