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Could i get the procedure of changing the Break Pads Pls?

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Loosen the wheel lug nuts with the tire on. Lift your car from front and remove the lug nuts and pull the wheels from the lug nut bolts. Remove the brake caliper bolts. The two bolts are located on the outside wall of the caliper, closest to the frame of the Cadillac. Use a 13mm socket and ratchet. Place a drip pan beneath the caliper. Open the brake fluid bleed valve using an adjustable wrench. The bleed valve is located just above the top caliper bolt. Rotate the caliper off of the rotor. Slide the brake pads from the caliper. The brake pads are connected to the caliper by metal clips that slide onto the walls of the caliper. Open the caliper piston by squeezing it against the caliper wall. Remove the old pads and slide the new brake pads onto the caliper walls by way of the attached metal clips. Rotate the caliper onto the rotor and replace the caliper bolts. Tighten the bolts and reverse the above steps.

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