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Tempreature warning light

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Temperature warning light is really a bad sign. Continue driving? Not at all. Stop your car NOW! Temperature warning light means that the temperature of your car is too hot. I remember one time when I faced this issue and I continued driving my car. The radiator in my car failed automatically. It was a huge loss for me.

Well, anyways, I would suggest you to do following things:

  1. Stop your car: The reason why I am telling you to stop your car is to avoid any huge damage in the engine. The engine might be really hot, so don’t keep driving. The more you will drive and more are the chances of huge damage in the engine system.
  2. Switch off A/C or heater: Switch off the AC or heater in your car immediately.
  3. Open the engine for a while: Open the engine hood, and keep it as it is. You may find smoke coming out of the radiator, let it come out.
  4. Don’t open the radiator cap: When the engine is overheated, the radiator cap burns like anything. So don’t even try to open the radiator cap. You may burn yourself, and also your car may get some serious damage.
  5. Check for leaks: Engine overheating is mainly because of coolant leak or oil leak. You need to scan the engine parts like water pump, radiator, hoses and belts, and check if you realize any leak in there. Leaks can be bad, because it damages the engine like crazy. And especially if its internal leaking of coolant.
  6. Call the recovery: If you are on the middle of the road, call the recovery to toe your car to the service center.

Trust me; temperature warning light is not good. Take care of it. And don’t try to touch anything in the engine; you may end up burning your hand.

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Thanks brother, i did what you said. My car is in garage now. They said the coolant was leaking. I am just hoping that its a not big disaster. Fingers Crossed!

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