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Mechanical Problems leading to Accidents

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I am not sure that I've got the right answer, but I am always worried about the tires. I am wondering if the tires were placed in the right way, what is the pressure in them etc.

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Accidents rarely occur due to mechanical failure. It's usually down to driver error, inexperience, driving too fast for the road/weather conditions, tiredness or plain old being distracted and not looking where you're going. The problem is you can have a crash even if you're driving perfectly. Sometimes it's not yourself you need to watch, it's everyone else!

But anyway, back to mechanical failure leading to accidents, it's not something I think about when I drive. You need to have faith in your car, just keep it well maintained and serviced and the chances are it won't let you down. If you actually sat down and thought about all the thousands of parts on your car and which one could fail at any moment, it would blow your mind and you would probably never get within 100 metres of a car again.

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