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Technological advancments in motor racing?

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V8 engine racing, I think has improved tremendously from the the engine horsepower increase point of view and plus the tremendous decrease in fuel consuption. V8 in 90's were delivering 200 hp and driking 25l/100 wherease today V8 good pony cars deliver 400+ horsepower and sip 12-15L/100 kms.


Second improvement, I think is the noise and reliability of engine hard wearing components. This is again an advancement as we all learn and so as the engineers have learnt this with time in using good grade pistons, timing chains, valves, etc that can withstand that level of thrashing on a regular basis.


Third prolly, is the gearing (that has nothing to do with V8) per say, but more in car engineering evolution as 3-4 gears max in 90's transformed to 8-10 gears now, gives very big room for driver and choosing the right gear for all almost all style of driving.


What you do sahan, studying cars or engineering...?

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Tarik, you got serious with his question. lol.

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