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Peugeot 208 Petrol (2009) won't start

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It has been started two times today with no problem now won't start. Engine symbol comes on dash. It sounds like it's trying to start but just won't catch. What do you think?

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Engine symbol means "Check Engine" warning light? This is the most annoying and scary at the same time. This warning light means something wrong that engine is not happy. It could be inside the engine issue (not very likely) or outside the engine issue (very likely). To start the diagnose by yourself check below in same priority level:

  1. Check the fuel cap and open once fully and close it properly.
  2. Check the battery is connected properly and your headlights and radio is working fine (If not then battery is dead).
  3. Check the fuel is enough and fuel supply is fine, when you half turn the iginition key you should hear the little wheezing noise and end it with click after 20 secs in the engine bay, means fuel pump is fine and sending sufficient fuel to engine.
  4. Check the air filter box, if in doubt open fully and clean the filter and close it back properly.
  5. If still not starting disconnect battery and reconnect it and try to start.

Beyond above do it yourself, I wouldn't advise more action if you are not half techy. Next doubt is to check the engine component like spark plug ignition, Air flow meter, compression test, timing belt etc.


How much mileage you have on your car and is it been regularly serviced...?

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