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Audi A4 starting problem

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Salam all, my audi a4 2008 model has failed completely and not starting at all, changed car in morning with wife and now also not starting. Light, stero, battery ok, fuel half tank ok but still it's not starting, tried many times and same. anyone can help me plese. thank you very much.

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I would still say try to jump start the car and see if it starts. Lights and stereo working doesn't signify that battery has a full cranking amp, as dead or weak battery can run all stuff except crank the engine. It's worth testing the jump start imho.

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You need to check lights on dashboard if you have a key light that may indicate for Immobilize which would block engine from starting!

if not that would mean that you have fuel pump failure either need to be replaced or relay need to be changed but mostly the pump failure is more common due to driving with low fuel level since the pump is cooled by fuel.  

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Without more specific information on exactly what happens when you turn the key, this question can only be answered by asking some pertinent questions, so here goes:

Did the problem start suddenly?

If so, and given the age of the of the car, it is very likely that either the fuel pump, or the fuel pump relay failed. Relays can fail without warning, so have this checked out.

Does the engine crank when you turn the key?

If so, and given the age of the car, it is more than likely that the timing belt failed. If it has, the valves are not regulated and it won’t start.

Does the engine sound different than before when it cranks?

If it does, it is almost certain that the timing belt failed. Timing belts have finite service lives, and they MUST be replaced on or before the scheduled replacement mileage.

Does the engine not crank at all?

1.) If you have a smart key, or a transponder in the key, replace the battery in the key. Run-down transponder batteries is a common cause of non-cranking issues.

2.) If the car’s battery had run down a few days  before the non-starting issue started, it is entirely possible that the ECU had lost some of it’s “memory”. If this happens, the ECU can be reset, or in some cases reprogrammed by the dealer.

3.)  If the engine does not crank, but the lights, wipers, interior fan etc, all work fine, the problem could involve the starter motor, or the starter motor wiring. If the lights on the dashboard dim when you try to crank the engine, the problem is definitely related to the starter motor. Given the age of the car, this is more than likely.

4.) If the dashboard lights don’t dim, there is likely to be an interruption in the power supply to the starter solenoid, or the solenoid may be defective. Again, given the age of the car, this is a distinct possibility.

5.) It is also possible that over time, the ground connections between the engine, body, and battery had deteriorated to the point where not sufficient current is available to power the starter motor. Check this by inspecting the ground connections for signs of overheating- the plastic insulation on the cable ends may appear black, scorched, of even partially melted.

I hope this helps, but without specific information it is very difficult to supply specific solutions.

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