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What's with new 10,000 Kms car service mandatory rule

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I was reading in yesterday's Gulf news that ministry of economy or some govt body (can't rem correctly) is coming up with new law for standardizing all car dealers to follow 10,000 kms car service in UAE. Again read some bashing and polls in today newspaper where experts aren't supporting this new move.


Any idea what is the actual reason behind this thinking and why would anybody want to impose the law on car servicing that should be recommended by car manufacturer and not anyone else. Is there any major issue happen in past, that triggered this thought process or something else I missed.....?

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Seriously man, this is quiet absurd to adapt and mix three different regions service interval into one and call it a standardization.

Emirates, Etihad, Air Arabia, Air Lanka and Ethipian Airline rates should be standardize then......!

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This sounds def crazy, but I think this is mor in line of creating a balance in service interval as Japanese cars ask 5ks is too less and German cars offers 15-20k is way too much so splitting the difference to 10k is good move.

I hope japanese car with good synthetic oil can go for 10 thousand service, as then it will make perfect sense for having any car any model fix service at 10,000 kms in UAE.

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This idea of standardizing the service does not make sense at all, let the car owners stick to car manufacturer recommendation than anyone else's. As car owner is the owner of that car and he is the one who paid the money and he is the one who is responsible for his car well-being. Seems totally wrong and I humbly hope that this type of decision never get materialize please.

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It seems that govt has given all dealers time till end of this year to streamline this move, and I am really curious to hear what Japanese car dealers has to say to increasing the service life-span and what German boyz has to say to decreasing the life-span.....? 

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This seems too far to go to gain control and standardise the service interval, that has too little control from law or social obligation in the car industry.

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