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Hello guys,

This is I believe my first post in the forum although I've been a member for couple of years and reading others posts passively.

I need to ask you if you know a good (not Juma Majid) service center in Sharjah (preferable) or Dubai that offers good Hyundai service at an affordable price.

My wife's car Sonata 2009 is obviously out of warranty, and the Petrol Gauge and the Engine Temperature Gauge are not functioning (Petrol gives wrong reading and Temperature is not working at all), I took it to Juma Majid and they said the whole cluster unit should be replaced (estimated cost is 2,500 AED), the whole car value is 20,000 something, and the car is not heavily driven (less than 15,000 km per year, we're around end of 2015 and the car has a bit over 60,000 km on the odometer), yet I still prefer to have it fixed (especially engine temperature), also I wouldn't mind having the gas pump checked as the throttle is not responsive sometimes.

Thank you all in advance for your valuable feedback

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Frankly speaking you don't need any specialized Hyundai service center to be honest. All Japanese, Korean and American cars are very easy to fix and no need for any specialize mechanics. It's the German manufacturer are the most sensitive and complex to repair, not any other.

I have been taking my car to Autozone in Rashidiya since few years and they have been great so far, very honest, straight forward and competitive priced compare to the dealers. First time my car went when it was involved in accident as they repair lot of insurance cars.

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