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Any Recommendations for Peugeot301 2015 Models

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To be honest 301 is a good value for money car for first 5 years until the time you have the warranty from the dealer. If you planning to buy new and sell before 5 years then it's a good compact family car with reasonable options under 50k aed budget.

Mind you don't expect great or even half way great resale whenever you sell as Peugeot re-sale market in UAE is pretty bad, due to french brand made for cold weather and not ultra hot weather like Dubai. That being sad they are not bad but at the same time but they are not as good as Japanese folks.

Power is also just adequate to move the car, so don't expect hard hit adrenaline rushing performance. Maintenance cost I have no idea as I have never own one but heard lot of stories to share my above input. Hope it helps.

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