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Corvette Z06 proved itself as a world-class supercar. Not true!

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I love corvette Z06 among all the recent launches of Chevy. I am not sure about really consufed as on the website of Chevrolet its that ZO6 record the fastest lap time of 2015, precisely in 2 min-44sec. Which mean that Porsche 918 Spyder come second - which is nearly 8 times the price of Z06.

I can hardly believe it because porsche 918 spyder top speed is 211mph while Corvetter ZO6 is 205!!!







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To be honest top speed is important but not everything as compare to 0-100 sprint because if car has better sprint rate then with little lesser top speed can makes a big difference in overall lap timing. Lap are designed to test everything from top speed, 0-100, drag co-efficiency, cornering capabilities etc.

IMHO If chevy website is saying this then it may be true, as it's really very tall claim to fake for such a reputed brand and organization.

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