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Infiniti sporty model with 400bhp hybrid v6

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Infiniti is gearing up for a busy 2016, with launches of four cars as it attempts to take on BMW, Audi and Mercedes. Infinity owned high performance petrol engine, which will go into sporty versions of the Q50 saloon and forthcoming Q60 coupe and QX60 SUV.










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Oh man, thank god finally they realize to change that fish face grill on 2012 - 2015 models. 

Now they got camel face grill. lol.

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Front has become all-time ugly now. Previous look was not bad and def better than this bulldog looks man. Kasim, thing sometime out of the sandbox mate.

I seriously hope that Lexus is not rolling this new design in all cars moving forward, which they usually do :-( 

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