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Jerking Toyota Camry - what it means?

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I have been looking for toyota camry since few days and it seems all are expensive as its toyota. saw one good but it jerks litlle bit while driving, i dont think (may be wrong) that its gear jerk but its jerking randomly otherwise as its not always

please help in find out why this jerking and more expensive or less expensive to fix as i am getting good deal by less than 3000 dhs from other camries.

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Hi kadar,

There are many possible reasons why any car can start jerking, but you don't provide a lot of information, so I will mention the most common causes.

1,) Faulty fuel pump. If a pump works erratically for any reason, the fuel pressure can sometimes drop to below the level required for the injectors to work.

2.) Bad connections on the battery can also cause jerking because the power supply to the engine is interrupted when contact between the battery and the battery cable is lost.

3.) Broken hoses in the vacuum system can also cause jerking because the engine may get too much air at times.

4.) One or more spark plugs may be failing, which will also cause jerking.

5.) One or more spark plug wires may be failing, causing jerking when the power to some spark plugs is interrupted.

6.) One or more fuel injectors may be clogged, dirty, or defective, which will cause jerking when some cylinders are starved of fuel.

7.) One, or more sensors on the engine may be defective, which can cause jerking when the ECU gets incorrect signals. The most common sensors to fail are the crank angle sensor, camshaft position sensor, mass airflow meter, throttle position sensor, and manifold pressure sensor.

All of the above are only educated guesses, since you did not provide specific information. However, I would suggest you take the car to a good repair shop to have a full OBD II diagnostic check performed to find the exact cause of the problem, but there is a good chance that the repairs will cost more than the 3000 dhs you save on the purchase price.

I would rather pay  a little more for a good Camry, than try to save a few bucks by buying a car that may be very expensive to fix.

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