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Audi A8 weird noise and car bouncing problem

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Hi Audi owner, 

I would like to discuss problem in my Audi A8 and believe to get a useful answer to resolve this issue. 
I purchased Audi A8 from Dubizzle just 2 month ago. It's 2011 model with over 190000 km approx.
Just after 1000 km of run it began creating problem for me. I experienced my car is creating strange noise whenever I go over a bridge or flyover, or bad street. At some point I believe vibrations, excessive bouncing, car does not feel steady whenever I break I feel like I am driving bike with big shock-up in front. Also whenever I drive through a bump, my car tires literally bounce up and down nonstop. 

It happen usually getting all the way down from flyover majorly and speed breakers. I think Audi has some manufacturing problem or may be something else. I am not sure from where this sound is turning up and what the problem is! This is completely new and annoying to me. 

This noise disturbance is horrifying or annoying to me. Well I went to Audi supplier in Dubai and say the same problem, as per car auto mechanic information they don't discover any danger in my car!! 
Or maybe they don't want to acknowledge it as they might not have remedy for it. 
On the other side while looking online there are series of same problem that owner are facing!! 

I am not sure how I could fix this matter and where I should take my car because I hardly know any Audi nice garage. 

I wish somebody might aware of this matter here and help me with some appropriate proactive approach. 
I also want to understand what problem it could be, from where this noise is coming? 

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Hi Abeer,

Sorry to say this, but Audi A8's are known for their suspension problems. However, you don't mention anything about the air suspension system. 

Does the air suspension work properly, and did the garage you took it to perform a comprehensive diagnostic check? Do you see any warning lights that could mean that the suspension is defective?

The air suspension in these Audi's are prone to all sorts of issues, and it seems that because as you say, the car is jumping and down, the system is not sufficiently pressurised. The most common problem is that the compressors on these systems fail, but the really bad news is that they are very expensive to replace. 

Unforunately, testing and replacing a compressor is best left to the dealers, so your first course of action should be to have the compressor checked out by having an OBD check performed at the dealers.

The noises you hear is the result of suspension bushings that have worn out because the system is not supporting the weight of the car. There are many bushings in an Audi suspension and it is not always easy to locate the worn ones, because when the car is hoisted on a lift, the suspension system sags, which takes up the freeplay in the damaged bushings.

The best way to identify damaged bushings is to use a lift that allows the car to remain on its wheels. A competent mechanic can then check each bushing by applying a levering action to it. This is in fact the only way to identify worn or damaged bushings, and my advice would be to take the car to a competent independent garage, because they won't charge you as much as the dealers will.

I hope this helps, and please keep us posted, since it may help other members as well.

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Hi Abeer

I totally agree with Hanif just wanted to add that your problem could be the stabilizer connection rods or stabilizer cups

as your car is 2011 so check as it may be still covered under warranty (5 years unlimited mileage) and can be repaired free of charge with free loaner car to use during repair period.

If your car 6 cylinder please check your (7 speed) transmission performance carefully and if you have any complain about it or notice you may include it in your warranty claim (8 cylinder quattro is different thing)   

just don't show mercy to the dealer if the car still under the warranty (as I think you are a lady from the name) and demonstrate how Eve can be Evil!!

Good Luck


IMG_0961 - Copy.JPG



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