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Best GPS navigation for offroad

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Wow that's cool, you got a pic.hehehehe.

Started researching and reading about Polaris for Android devices which can be used for Marine purpose and off-road plus hiking. Seems like a wonderful app for Android, Not sure if they have anything for IOS.

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I have tried polaris, did not find it great, but did not use it extensively. The software only shows maps, when GPS are located, or I did not set it up correctly, so you can't browse on the map offline when signal is not met. I read somewhere that the phone satellite antennas are not as good as the dedicated units. If you are a Apple user, you can perhaps try MotionX, I have heard someone use this with success, and they use the 276c and Montana...wow that is far too many screens on his dashboard for my taste.

I will report back on the Montana, so far it's good. Amount of memory it holds is great, and uses standard MicroSD cards, unlike the 276c, also can be used with AAA batteries incase main rechargeable battery dies.

Montana screen colours react to polarised sunglasses, a shade of yellow tint is noticed, so orientation in portrait is better, and colours remain as intended.

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Thanks buddy.

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You guys are really forcing me to dig and find my 276C now. I thought I am the old tech guy after so many years, but seems this thing is just not ready to give up yet.

Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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Lol Gaurav bhai. We old school guys like to do things the hard way. Let's see how the reports come in for the Montana. I also heard the new Garmin Nuvi can record tracks, use it in reverse and mark some waypoints. Someone was telling me the Mio GPS comes cheap with a camera and you can mark the waypoints with a pic.

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On 9/1/2016 at 4:22 PM, ebotha99 said:

Hi Gaurav, I use a combination of Garmin, Google Earth/Maps and and app called maps.me 

Garmin is good for point to point navigation i.e. when you're in the desert and heading to specific coordinates, not so good for roads as the maps aren't very accurate.

Google Earth I use to find routes and places that looks interesting to explore and Google Maps for driving around but no turn by turn navigation for Oman and needs an internet connection for maps.

maps.me is an application that is similar to google maps but the map data gets downloaded onto the phone directly - once this is done no internet connection required for navigation. The map data is open source as well so has lots of POI uploaded.




Just a point on Google Earth problem for Oman @ebotha99, I tried Waze last year in Oman and it worked like a dream. Gives turn by turn directions, identifies potential road cameras in case you want to speed up in the middle of the long drives. It helped me find Yeti / Safa beach on the Qurm / Muscat coast which for some reason I was finding really hard to get to through Google Maps. 

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