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Even Soccer Moms Can Roll

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I was just at the Honda Civic forum when I realized I have a good pic for this forum too. This pic was submitted to me a few weeks ago

I actually think this Odyssey looks kind of cool but some might say it's too much. Enjoy!

Note: I hope I don't offend anyone if this is your Odyssey.

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I saw something similar a couple of years back on Top Gear when they were comparing all the available vans and how quick they can be. Can't remember the other 2 models used, but this one looks very similar to the one I saw on Top Gear.

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Awesome Odyssey! Thanks Rahimdad! This should be shown to men around the world as an example of what they can do to their minivans to get more respect on the streets. (assuming they have the money to modify it like this)

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