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BMW X7 slated for 2018

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This was the logical step to take but for me, All the Audi Q series and the BMW X series all look the same, including this new one.

Although I'm sure its going to be a fine ride if they concentrate less on the sportiness and more on the luxury bit, That's why Rolls Royce and the Range Rover have a lock on this segment, their attention is more towards luxury than towards sportiness or you could say just the right amount of sport spirit mixed after all the Rover Supercharged is no joke and the turbo charged Rolls in a straight line drag can give a lot cars a run for their money,

Their are dime a dozen sports SUVs but only one proper Luxury SUV which is also a full fledged 4X4 off roader. So depends if BMW just comes out with another bigger more sporty version of the X5 or they plan to make the X7 a proper luxury SUV,

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Horrible. It doesn't look special at all. Just looks like a mess. 

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