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Jason Gray

9 vehicles Americans loved or hated in 2016

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This year, just like every other year in the past several decades, Americans will buy more Ford pickup trucks than any other vehicle. Bloomberg crunched sales data through November to see which models posted the biggest demand spikes and swoons . These are the vehicles that show us the future -- and soon-to-be past -- of the car business.

Infiniti QX50 (+272%)

Mercedes-Benz GLE (+221%)

Volvo XC90 (+202%)

Audi TT (+201%)

BMW X1 (+88%)

Meanwhile, on the down side ...

Honda Fit (-43%)

BMW 6-series (-46%)

Fiat 500L (-60%)

Chrysler 200 (-65%)

Kia K900 (-68%)

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I so wish if some company here do this analysis for UAE car market too, as here everything is hush hush secret always.

Dealers won't even publish bloody car prices on their website as they love cheating people with different price tag depending on different customer types.

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Very well put @Danny, and you took the words out of my mouth. I was wondering the same thing, I would like to see some statistics for UAE too.

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