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Our car is one of the essential things in our life. It can help us travel to the place we want to go. Since it has great value to us, it is necessary for us to take care of it. But what are the things we need to consider in order to prolong it's life?

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Good question @Dave Daniel

First thing is you need to love your car to no ends, in case of Gaurav it is literally as any signs of hate and his Pajero would not start up. As per the old books what I learned from my dad, may God Almighty rest his soul in peace, every morning check all the oils and fluids to check if the level is A OK. A visual inspection while the bonnet is open will reveal any discrepancies, get them checked in time and repair small before it effects any other parts. Change the oils, plugs, filters, timing belts, etc on time and avoid any big expenses. If there is any discomfort while driving, any noises from the car, any vibrations, anything that you feel is not right, get it checked immediately, sometimes a small problem solved can save you from bugger expenses. Use methods like fuel injector cleaner and other such products at least once a year just to be sure that all is well on the inside.

He used to say that the general maintenance of a car does not make your car run smoother, it just makes sure that over time your car keeps running as smoothly as when you first got it. 

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Service your car to the manufacturers service schedule. Don't get caught up in the whole three thousand five thousand ten thousand dubai scam. That's just something the service centres do here to generate money. I've worked in a lot of different places and never seen it until I came to UAE. It also means they're using the cheap nasty oil so will most likely shorten your engines life. An extra thirty or forty dirhams for quality oil is nothing. The price of three cokes in a fancy restaurant. Use quality parts not cheap Chinese pattern parts. The Chinese parts are three times cheaper but you'll have to change them three times as often. 

Probably the most important thing is don't drive like a dickhead. Treat your car with the respect it deserves. A lot of people forget that their car is probably the second most expensive thing they own after their house and treat it like a disposable appliance. Don't thrash it from cold every time you get in. Don't race up to the end of the road and stamp on the brakes.  Treat it like you would treat your lady. 

There are lots of stories of million mile cars on the internet for you to find. A million miles is one point six million kilometres. It just goes to show cars can last a long long time if they're looked after and driven properly. 

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  1. Plan your brakes - increase fuel milegae and reduce engine stress.
  2. Service from OEM parts and lubes
  3. Avoid getting traffic jam, choose longer routes as extra miles on highway is better than stress car goes in traffic
  4. Do regular weekly and monthly check by yourself
  5. Park it under shade as much as possible.
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