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2 hours ago, Barry said:


@jason200 and anyone else who is having problems with seatbelt tensioners firing on rough terrain, you can remove the SRS fuse before going off road which will disable the system. Although be aware, you will have no airbags if anything happens which may or may not be a good thing but it will save you from having to replace a lot of things if you have a little bump. Sadly, the belt tensioners are a single use only thing that cannot be repaired, once they have fired, they need replaced.

@Barrythanks for the advice. I took the car to the dealer today and they said they will replace under warranty once they check the vehicle computer. I can confirm they do 'fire' as there was a very loud bang ! Both tensioners fired in the front seats but none of the back seats. Are there tensioners on the rear seat belts also and are these a standard safety mechanism on all cars ? Why did only mine fire ? 

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Generally, there are no tensioners in the back seats of most vehicles unless it's something exotic or really expensive. Front tensioners have been standard in almost every car since the mid 90s. 

The bang you heard was a small explosive charge detonating. When a sensor detects a bump, it sends an electrical signal which detonates the charge and pulls the belt tight. Older cars were spring loaded but an explosive can operate more quickly than any mechanical system. 

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