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Pajero AC light is flashing On and Off

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I am having a peculiar problem with my Pajero's AC. While driving, the AC switch suddenly starts flashing on and off, and the compressor stops working. I then have to turn off the engine, restart the car and it immediately starts working for some time. I have been facing this problem over the past few months with the frequency increasing recently. I have also noticed that with continued hard acceleration the AC doesn't turn off that often. It tends to happen more while the car is cruising. One mechanic told me that the AC clutch or something is slipping but I didn't quite understand what he meant.

Any advise or suggestions?

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I assume there's enough gas in it? That's the first thing to check. 

I also assume the wiring and plugs are ok?

It is possible there is a clearance issue within the compressor clutch. The only way to be sure is to remove and inspect it. 

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sometimes the lockup sensor goes or oil on the clutch or the crank damper itself or the compressor is jamming which indicates the ecu that there is difference in rpm of compressor and the engine then the ecu turns off the clutch in order to save the belt from coming out or ripping it apart...

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Hi, i know im replying late.

but may be it help others having similar problem.

i bought used mitsubishi ASX 2013, it started giving same problem.. AC light used to blink, and then when i switch off and switch on the AC, it used to work good for some time. but after some time (randomly) it used to do same.

I studied it alot then, belt slipping, bad compressor clutch and many other things on internet........

took it to a mechanic here in sharjah... there the problem didnt occur....he asked me to leave the car there, to which i refused...then i asked him to check the AC gas...he said the gas is ok..no problem...then i asked him to check the gas with meter... and guess what...the gas was low...and he drained the gas...and filled again....and Alham dullilah, till date (its been almost 9 10 months), that problem never happned again...even in scrochin heat, the AC works flawless.....


so get ur ac gas checked, coz gas pressure loss in a 2 3 year old car is not uncommon...

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      2) Locate the relay box and open it.

      3) Locate the ABS relay on the upper right hand. Remove it by pulling it out.

      4) Close the cover and hood, and switch on your engine. You will have no specific alarms on the dashboard but they will start to flicker after a while (ABS light, ASC light, etc...) and eventually they will stay on which indicates they are completely disabled.

      Method 2: Unplugging the ABS connector
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      After your drive, there could be some sand inside the connector, so carefully remove it with some compressed air or a small brush.

      After your offroad drive, you can open the hood, plug the relay or connector back in, and restart your car. The ABS and ATC dashboard lights will be off again.
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      Most of the early GEN4 Pajeros do not have an AUX connection, so it does not allow for other music sources to be connected. Later on they started installing the AUX jack connector in the glove box. But for the people with early 4th generation i made this tutorial on how to install an AUX cable, allowing you to hook up your phone or Ipod. 
      Until now i did not find the time for this install, and used a Bluetooth FM transmitter with a USB stick which i stored my MP3 files on. It's a cheap option, but sound quality was horrible and did not do justice to the nice sound quality the Pajero has with the Rockford Fosgate Setup.
      Materials needed:
      - Plastic spatula or knife to remove the AC vents
      - Soldering gun and solder wire (tin).
      - Aux cable (cable with headphone jack on it).
      - Philips Screwdriver
      Step 1: Remove the vent channels on both sides
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      Step 2: Remove the head unit front panel
      Put your hands on both sides of the headunit and pull towards you. The complete unit should pull out without any issues. 
      Unplug the connector on the back side.

      Step 2: Remove the CD unit
      There are 4 Philips screws thay you need to unscrew to remove the CD unit. On the backside, remove the antenna connector and the two white connectors.

      Step 3: Prepare the AUX cable
      In my case this was a cable i had lying around for a long time already. On the one side you have a headphone jack, on the other side you will need to cut the wires and make them solder-ready.

      You should have 3 wires: The left and right audio channel, and the ground wire. The ground wire is the wire that is wrapped around the other wires and does not have insulation. 
      Step 4: Identify the connection on your head-unit.
      You will have 2 white connectors. The smallest connector (18 pins) is the one that you will need to solder on. In my car there were already wires connected on these connectors, as this is the connection for future rear seat entertainment. I have cut these ones and soldered my Aux cable wire onto them.
      See below the pinout for Pajero: 

      Step 5: Solder all three wires properly.

      Once you have soldered these wires, make sure they are properly insulated, either with shrink insulation or with electrical tape. 
      Once this is done, you can choose where you want to bring the AUX cable to. You can put it under the steering column or somewhere else, but in my case i drilled a small hole inside the front storage box (where you have the ID card holder) and put the AUX cable through there. 
      Now put everything back in its place. The headunit and vents can be pushed back into their place easily.
      The AUX is now connected to an old Android phone with 16GB SD card to store the music on. You can also put Spotify with offline download option, or just use your own phone.  Even a Bluetooth module can now be connected.
      Note: To ACTIVATE AUX, you need to push on the CD button for a few seconds. 

      Overall time taken: +/- 90 mins
      PS On how to fix the ERROR03 on your CD PLAYER.
      Since a few months i noticed my CD player did not work anymore. There were still 3 CD's inside, but i got the ERROR03 everytime i wanted to load them. It seems this error means one of the CD's is stuck inside.
      Since i was opening and removing the unit for the AUX installation i had a quick look and was able to fix the error like this:
      Step 1) Remove the top panel of the CD player by removing the 4 little screws.

      Step 2) Locate the CD on top. In my case it was stuck out of center. I gently used a screwdriver to get the CD loose and put it back into the center. I suspect it got stuck during offroading or maybe during loading/ejecting. 
      After this, the CD player worked fine again. I decided to remove all CD's and only put one inside when i actually want to listen to it. This should minimize the risk of getting stuck again. 
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      It was a beginner drive but the Paj handled everything quite easily I thought. I did find the power a bit on the lower side when going up steeper dunes, but I managed to get up to wherever our capable guide @Gaurav took us.
      So I'm happy with the choice, but only now considering whether I should get a skid plate for the back at least and maybe front and back.
      views welcome !  
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